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  1. Jan McL

    You & #MeToo

    There are legal aspects to being sexually assaulted. It wasn't until 30 years after the assaults that I realized there would be legal records since one of my rapists had murdered the other. There would also be newspaper coverage. Took me a long time and much art to hire a couple of private eyes to help me find out exactly what happened and get me the paperwork. It's a process. This painting helped me understand.
  2. Jan McL

    You & #MeToo

    The media really screwed up the #metoo reporting IMO by inadvertently (?) subverting due process. Not allowing due process to happen without media coverage --> protests --> trial by social media. Unintended consequence? Maybe. Inciting the vulnerable to pitchfork mob mentality is a piece of cake, especially in this Internet Age. Click bait business model is real and perverts the course of justice. [Stole that from some UK cop procedurals.] Certainly, accusations must be taken seriously and quiet but firm steps taken to ensure everyone's safety, but everyone deserves due process, no? A small percentage of false accusations discredits the whole thing. So crazy, but this from Kevin Spacey. What are the facts? I haven't followed the "House of Cards" Spacey story closely. I'm sorry you had to go through what you've gone through, @Matt Bryant. Speaking of it is huge. Courage! Yes. Early on in my healing I spent a lot of time on the usenet survivors' forum. A small but vocal group of men were well represented and their stories were made IMO the more difficult for being men. Their wounds deeper and more troubling for the cultural male mandate to physically prevail. Much love and respect to all of you at the holidays.
  3. Jan McL

    Audio Interface for Women

    Hilarious. Ridiculous. Ludicrous. All of the -ous's.
  4. Jan McL

    DPA 4098 Travel cases

    I revised my custom foam drawer insert to house three 4098 shorties and two 11" 4098's. Gear's not back to the warehouse yet, otherwise pictures.
  5. Jan McL

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    I've not used any solvent either but debate using water-wet cloth before longer storage in future because sweat (salt). Perhaps salt's the culprit.
  6. Jan McL

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    I've two black and one white Slim that in 2 years cables went too hard to actually use.
  7. Jan McL

    Schoeps MiniCMIT or DPA 4017b

    I have two MiniCmit mics for sale: one blue, one grey. Make me an offer.
  8. Jan McL

    Lectrosonics vs Audio Limited

    Since I've been working a lot in reflective environments lately (prisons), allow me to add a layer to the Zaxcom wireless plusses: an algorithm designed to deal specifically with RF reflections. While on the subject, there's also an algorithm that narrows each TRX's RF footprint allowing more TRX's per inch of bandwidth. I originally bought into the system for its future proof nature and continue to invest for the same reason.
  9. Jan McL

    Movie Slate 8

    The monthly MovieSlate $ is totally worth it IMO / IME. Cancel subscription between gigs. Elegant.
  10. Jan McL

    You & #MeToo

    Glad you found the whatever-it-takes to share your story here; sorry this story is yours to tell. Big respect from here, too. You've already done a lot of work to be able to publicly say the words. Congrats! Yes: anger certainly does not have to be a negative. The idea that helped me turn a corner with it was treating Anger like a red flag indicating something I must consider closely, and thus a great tool. So long as I allow myself to actually feel it and not stuff it away where it goes to pus and tends to explode like a boil in a disgusting mess all over anyone standing near, all's well. Will undoubtedly write more later because inspired by your post, but working very hard these days and... In any case for now: thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  11. Jan McL

    DIY Dipole antenna!

    This is my favorite thread of 2018. Nerds geeking out elegantly. Thanks y'all.
  12. Jan McL

    HN-7506 or something else

    Makes sense, Glen Trew, since the extant result does not to my ears sound much like the 7506's upon which the excellent HN-7506 headphones are based.
  13. Jan McL

    You & #MeToo

    RE: story telling. Dramatic recitation of the likely results of repressing peoples' stories.
  14. Jan McL

    You & #MeToo

    Indeed. Yet a few of them can be couched in ways that make the medicine go down easier. The violent sexual assault survivor stories I'm addressing here are not served by being watered down. Not from the survivors' POV. These tales must be told and witnessed in all their evil glory. Not saying Bowdlerized versions shouldn't be crafted and shared, but the complete emotional / physical truth laid bare = necessary. Deal.
  15. Jan McL

    the malware myth

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.