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    Indie film and television production sound mixer.
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About Me

I've seen this open spot for a while now but only today find myself inspired to write something that looks more like an umbrella relative to my participation here as fellow sound warrior as opposed to the specific smaller political ideas.


I come to this with a #10 jigsaw puzzle's worth of background experience pieces that only together sketch my approach to this thing we do.


Dance. I have always danced through my work. Danced long and hard waiting tables at diners and high end restaurants. Danced with the band too of course. Even pushing papers for real estate closings could be graceful. Moving around the set...damn straight. Not so much now as I'm by necessity giving that up.


These are some of the professional experiences I bring to bear:


Poetry. I love that being able to communicate succinctly and memorably serves everyone. Finally, poetry that matters.


Performance. Delivering my most memorable poems always carries some physicality for impact.


Journalism. I have to remember to ask questions. Not my strength. I carry a journalist's notebook as reminder. I set myself annual assignments. There was the year of the Teamster; what is ruthlessness?; what do producers do anyway?; the year of the data point; this is The Year of Magical Thinking.


Music. Ever finely-honed hand-eye-ear. Gear head.


Event Planning. Producing. Directing. Managerial stuff.


Student. I know how to learn. I find an expert and gloam on. Finding a quality student / mentor thing is always on my list of people to look for.


Photo by Colleen Goodsir from an LA screening.

ben is back screening colleen goodsiir IMG_0977.jpeg

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