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  1. In case you want to try some cat5 options out @thomasvanderbrook, I have a bunch of pairs from Instasnake very reasonable having just retired. They're all cat5 --> 4 x XLR3's. Shoot me a PM. There's also a bunch of great quality cat5/6 cable wanting a new home. https://www.markertek.com/product/ets-sds901/ets-sds901-instasnake-4-mxlr-3-foot-pigtail-to-rj45-jack-all-pins?ne_ppc_id=1806871132&gclid=Cj0KCQiA7aPyBRChARIsAJfWCgKCWLWnQthkfXwsTsDSxPqadLhxlGguvjUYUyry-owXVWRVraNqiCwaAss-EALw_wcB
  2. Thanks, Mattias. Set attitude is close to Everything, right next to Showing Up. ".....smorgasbord of fun and adventure....." OMG, that will be the mantra as I begin to conceive the shape of the future. Thank you once again for your kind wisdom, Crew. XOXOX
  3. Thanks Olle. Means a lot. Writing / drawing helps me think stuff through. Having a close reader or two makes the thinking even more clear. I am eternally grateful to and honored by you. Invaluable part of the process of living to me. I've every confidence that the right opportunities will present themselves. Just as with anything I've done, have consulted with experts in the field, done the research and thanks to the internet and friendships, am able to put the word out. For sure good points, Al. All of your spot
  4. Have not been much here these last couple years. Went slightly into Nest Egg Panic. That combined thankfully with great material offered more back to back than I'm accustomed to executing kept me out of trouble. Delighted that said panic helped me push kit rental, parking perks/reimbursement and above-contract wages to my market's limits. My body on the other hand is less-than-delighted. Two years straight of regularly not drinking enough water have taken an undeniable toll, with repercussions that cannot be accommodated in a production environme
  5. Jan McL

    Noisy R1a?

    Colleague successfully removed R1a hiss in his IEM's via the installation of a resistor in a M--> F headphone adapter cable. Did not note the value but I'll text him after 9A to find out.
  6. Clearly an exceptional woman, like her father. This is HUGE. Respect all around.
  7. Thanks, Olle. We had a 24/7 therapist available by phone for the duration. Don't know if anyone used the number, but the idea of being able to consult with someone helped considerably.
  8. Got my start making cold calls to sound people in my region. One fellow (a utility sound) invited me to set. Just kept coming back. In the interim, was working as a tech for a big sound rental place where I was taught how to troubleshoot and repair stuff.
  9. Great to add some science to anecdotal experience. The facts left me profoundly...sad.
  10. I've been told many times that when a piece of electronics gets soaked during production (particularly in salt water, but generally speaking) it should be replaced by production because its lifespan has been significantly reduced. Sorry you're in the tangential middle of a crapstorm. Not the optimum place to be for sure. Please let us know how it shakes out for you. Here's how I handled the recent event of boom operator being taken down by an ocean wave. This was a union, narrative project. Everything was photographed then rinsed with production-provided dis
  11. Had to be careful in the application of the glue re: timing (length of time the hot element near the mic). We did a test that ended up being "the thing". The amazing customer was aware that it might not fare well for the shirt; they had multiples. Hot glue gets into the pores of the fabric. It remains fairly flexible. Got a fingernail between the glue and the tee shirt and peeled it off. May have had to use scissors or a blade to get it off the B6 but no damage was sustained.
  12. Mmmmm: radio...nice. Our situation was unique [jeepers I hope this was unique as opposed to ubiquitous] in that the 1st AD was doing something / everything other than 1st AD work and our de facto 1st AD (according to IMDB most relevant /recent job was as a costume PA along with only 3 other costume-related projects) and was drowning/flailing and dragging everyone into the depths with them. Definitely sometimes get the feeling from new AD departments with whom I work that sound / wiring has been responsible for schedule delays and thus they feel a need to ride
  13. Just found this thread (catching up here this morning). Your confidence in our work is deeply appreciated. I was astonished post was able to make the audio work well enough that I didn't achieve the expected Puke State during the first listen. That's saying something. Getting my heart and brain ready for 2nd pass and perhaps this is the place in which to speak to the extraordinary process in finer detail. Extraordinary? Yeah: we survived. I asked myself every day if it might be that I was getting too old for it. The crew kids were also walking wounded throug
  14. There are legal aspects to being sexually assaulted. It wasn't until 30 years after the assaults that I realized there would be legal records since one of my rapists had murdered the other. There would also be newspaper coverage. Took me a long time and much art to hire a couple of private eyes to help me find out exactly what happened and get me the paperwork. It's a process. This painting helped me understand.
  15. The media really screwed up the #metoo reporting IMO by inadvertently (?) subverting due process. Not allowing due process to happen without media coverage --> protests --> trial by social media. Unintended consequence? Maybe. Inciting the vulnerable to pitchfork mob mentality is a piece of cake, especially in this Internet Age. Click bait business model is real and perverts the course of justice. [Stole that from some UK cop procedurals.] Certainly, accusations must be taken seriously and quiet but firm steps taken to ensure everyone's safety, but everyone deserves due process, no? A
  16. Hilarious. Ridiculous. Ludicrous. All of the -ous's.
  17. I revised my custom foam drawer insert to house three 4098 shorties and two 11" 4098's. Gear's not back to the warehouse yet, otherwise pictures.
  18. I've not used any solvent either but debate using water-wet cloth before longer storage in future because sweat (salt). Perhaps salt's the culprit.
  19. I've two black and one white Slim that in 2 years cables went too hard to actually use.
  20. I have two MiniCmit mics for sale: one blue, one grey. Make me an offer.
  21. Since I've been working a lot in reflective environments lately (prisons), allow me to add a layer to the Zaxcom wireless plusses: an algorithm designed to deal specifically with RF reflections. While on the subject, there's also an algorithm that narrows each TRX's RF footprint allowing more TRX's per inch of bandwidth. I originally bought into the system for its future proof nature and continue to invest for the same reason.
  22. The monthly MovieSlate $ is totally worth it IMO / IME. Cancel subscription between gigs. Elegant.
  23. Glad you found the whatever-it-takes to share your story here; sorry this story is yours to tell. Big respect from here, too. You've already done a lot of work to be able to publicly say the words. Congrats! Yes: anger certainly does not have to be a negative. The idea that helped me turn a corner with it was treating Anger like a red flag indicating something I must consider closely, and thus a great tool. So long as I allow myself to actually feel it and not stuff it away where it goes to pus and tends to explode like a boil in a disgusting mess all over any
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