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  1. Refine

    ERX2TCD into a F55

    Yes, adjusted the max volume to 23; still coming in a little low for some cans. When using the ERX2TCD for scratch track/TC, I set MAX VOLUME to 23 & FIXED MAX GAIN. On the camera, I usually SET LINE LEVEL input, MANUAL, and set to 9/10.
  2. Refine

    NeverClip... in simple pictures

    Great diagram Justin. By chance, have you found a diagram for the variation of Tx Neverclip?
  3. Refine

    Zaxcom MicPlexer 2

    Any feedback yet on models/types of antennas working well with the Micplexer 2 in bag?
  4. Refine

    ERX2TCD into a F55

    In addition to the low line level issues, I also find the ERX2TCD output to be a little low to adequately drive some of the larger cans that some producers are fond of. Any whispers of an ERX3 with improved output levels coming soon?
  5. Refine

    Zaxcom iPhone app preview - ZaxMote

    So does this work through the QRX235 IFB Option, or is a separate dongle needed? Are users beta testing the Zaxmote app yet?
  6. Many of the drone batteries used today don't have a plastic container/housing, and consist of the cells wrapped in a thin film and then folded/glued, to reduce size/weight. The attached wiring usually terminates in several small molex type connectors that can easily shear off in handling/transport resulting in the battery terminals shorting. Fortunately most gold mount and IDX type batteries have much sturdier packaging and battery terminals. frail drone battery examples: