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  1. Make sure the internal aa's, even if you're not using internal power, are fresh. We had a recent problem on a job of intermittent shutdowns caused by dead lithiums in the aa compartment. We were on external power for everything in the chain and changing out the aa's did the trick. Worth a try. Simon
  2. I agree 100%. Trims are used all the time... Is the Headphone control a push button encoder also? The rotary trim and pfl/selector on each channel of the cl-9 is so useful and used on most every take... Shame to lose it. When I saw the pictures I assumed the headphone knob would work as 'master' control in conjunction with individual channel selectors... Chris R - I thought the same... On my cl-9 they are almost a liability... Once set they never need to move and a slight knock or movement can mess things up. I'd rather these items were menu based. After a line-up who adjusts these? A fellow mixer told me recently he uses them to control dynamics on shouts and screams when sending to camera..? I've only done that using the faders... But I haven't sent anything to camera in a few years...
  3. www.carolkaye.com is her official site great talent simon
  4. Been here long enough to make that statement a fair comment? If you're upset with your snacks speak to your line manager, I'd suggest. Generalist statements only serve to make you look foolish, as you try and entertain. Kindest, simon
  5. I got a few packs through today. First impressions are nothing special to be honest. It may well be a technique thing - as although they have some instructions for use, there are a few vague areas... One thing I noticed - if you crush the fabric square between your fingers there is an audible 'crackling'. This is right next to any microphone placed in the cover - noisier than an overcover by a long way. The fabric is a synthetic with a softer 'foam' core with 2 porous surfaces. Also these don't seem to offer much if any wind protection. Maybe I've got it all wrong and someone from Bubblebee could advise on exact usage. The small square of fabric punched in the middle was removed in my use when removing backing (is this correct?) The tape is similar to any medical/toupee type tape I have used (it's double sided). It lost its tack fairly quickly and would need to be replaced as often as any other tape I'd say. It may be that these are easier to hide, but didn't notice any benefit to the sound of the mic. Cos-11, wisycom on a loose fitting shirt btw - in several 'usual' positions. Anyone else? Simon
  6. I'm gonna pull the trigger on 4 funny black lavs, but do they work with Zaxcoms?!
  7. That's it - the MZL thingy... Are you sure about extended ball gag??? It would not fit it my mono extended ball gag I use for my CCM mics...? The 8040/8050 would fit tho. Simon
  8. I have mine in a windshield 1. You'll need to lose the xlr adapter and use the 8000 series conn box from Rycote. I made my own cable from an older style connbox and a flying lead with the screw on fitting that can be purchased from Sennheiser. I'm sure the current product from Rycote is equivalent and should fit. You'll also have to experiment with different 'weight' lyres and their positions in the basket to get it silent and functional, but it does work very well and it's tiny! Good Luck Simon
  9. Shouldn't the manufacturer let you know how to update?? Why the big secret? Simon
  10. Exactly. Dip your feet in the Bosporus for me! I have great memories of Istanbul from a job long ago... Aldo is easily contacted - ask and you may just get what you want... Worst case scenario - easyjet back to London isn't too expensive, and you could test them out yourself. Simon
  11. Hey Taskin, I have seen and tested the audio wireless systems and they are very good pieces of equipment. I won't compare and contrast in detail, but you are correct in your assumption of the high quality and functionality. The company is small, and demand is high, so this will mean longer waits for systems to be ready... If you can hold on it would worth it in my opinion. Audio Development desks have been a standard here in the UK for years too... Where are you based btw? Best, Simon
  12. Hey Vincent, The hardware low-cut built into the xlr is 18db/octave with 60hz knee, so it cuts out much of the low, low end but doesn't affect speech frequencies noticeably. I found the 8060 to sound excellent but very sensitive low down. This low cut really helps with boom handling noise.... Before I would get crazy rumbling just moving grip on the pole...now it is much improved. Still tho, I find I need the 8060 in the basket indoors to stop the 'whoosh' as the mic is moved through the air chasing dialogue. We must remember that the mic is primarily designed to be a studio mic so is extremely sensitive. I still use the low cut on my 788t to tailor the tone of what I need to record. Simon
  13. Hey, With this connbox connector you also lose the xlr length as well as the adapter so my 8060 now fits into a windshield size 1 (rycote recommend a size 3 with the original configuration...) I've also adapted the new Tacit low-cut cable so that the electronics are in the male xlr in the grip. It now makes the hypersensitive 8060 much easier on the boom op. Simon
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