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  1. I saw the mention of zaxcom stuff and using it for music. This is slightly related to the topic of this thread and may be useful. I was not told until the last minute when on set mixing a film basically "There is part with a song." There was a guitar / singer combo that took place during a scene. It was a do the best you can situation. I would of brought other mics in addition if I was told about it. There was a TR50 on the singer and a Rode NTG3. It was recorded to a Nomad at 48k 24 bits. Overall, the recording came out fairly well and clean.
  2. Someone I know owned a VW bus. When the starter did not work on the VW bus, I would manually get the thing to 5-10+ mph as he turned the key to start the thing. It is a better workout than any cardio equipment a gym does.
  3. If budget is a issue when buying more gear, consider TR50 / tram mics. They include a kit of attachments to use with the mic.
  4. Did they respond? If so, what did they say.
  5. Amen to that posting. CL is not the best place for gigs. I was basically hired do something from CL to do for Coke that actually paid decently and that was easy. The director or whoever it was went to shoot without telling me / probably decided to hire someone else without telling me. I did not drink Coke for months after that.
  6. Ape bags are not very expensive. There are no wheels on this one but it carries gear well. I use this as both my audio bag with a custom harness I built and also use it to transport stuff. http://apecase.com/products/dslr-shoulder-cases/pro-series-cases/acpro1600-digital-slrlaptop-travel-case/#.UguhOeCnA1M I am not familiar with this one but this may be a option. http://apecase.com/products/back-packs/pro-series-backpacks/acpro4000-digital-slr-and-laptop-roller-backpack/#.UguiOeCnA1M
  7. This is neat technology. If this was actually used on a film set somehow, I would go definitely wireless. Keeping the shotgun out of the shot might be quite a challenge.
  8. Add a "0" or "00" to the rate and I would do it. lol
  9. If I had the money to spare, I would buy the optical mic, a radio telescope which really a mic for the stars (here in NYC they are tricky to use due to the rf but you can maybe get the sun on a small radio telescope), and a hydrophone.
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