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  1. Wisycom is aware of the noise production producing the MTP 40 in use with TRAM Microphones. They replied to us the MTP 40 will get a hardware and software update to solve this problem!! Hope they will get as soon as possible this update.....
  2. The distributor in The Netherlands and Wisycom are aware of this problem. I've tested the MTP40 with diffrent microphones and the nois production is reduced enormously. So the main problem of the MTP40 is the Tram microphone we are using. We have bought 30 MTP 40 transmitters with Tram microphones and all the transmitters do have problems with this microphone. I hope Wisycom will solve the problem very soon. Any users of the MTP 40 wich are using also Tram microphone with this transmitter??
  3. I will check the receiver! The Sennheiser works fine with the Wisycom MCR42 receiver. I tested a Sennheiser SK250 transmitter with the Wisycom receiver (MCR42)and it worked fine. Also in the same receiver mode i tested a MTP30 with the smae MCR42 receiver and that worked also fine. No problem in these situations with the noise level. The receiver and the Wisycom transmitters are in the same compander mode!! We've tested both compander modes but no different in noise level. There is a small different in audio quality between the two companders but the noise level produced by the transmitter still is the same in both compander modes.... Even if i didn't connect a microphone to the MTP40 there is the high noise level. And tha'ts not the noise level of the receiver!!!! But i think nobody has the same experience as 1 have. I have tested 4 MTP 40 transmitters and 2 receivers and all the transmitters have this problem.
  4. I've chanched the compander mode form ENC tot ENR and there was no change! The limiter setting are correct and are not the problem of this "airco-nois" producing the MTP40. Wisycom said this noise-problem is not right. The distributer in The Netherlands and Wisycom aill research this isue. Also a big problem is that you can't get a better signal noise level to correct the input gain. The noise producing the MTP40 is changing the same as correcting the input level. Strange....
  5. Hi VM, Nice to hear that you have gooed experiences with the MTP40. My company has bought 15 transmitters MTP42 en 15 MCR42 set's of Wisycom. The biggest reason for buying these transmitters is the bandwith. Here in The Netherlands it is a problem to find a good useable frequency. Tha's the reason why a lot of companies bought the Wisycom transmitters. But last week i've worked with 4 MTP40 transmitter. I was working in a studio were it was very quiet. In that situation i've noticed that all of my four transmitters produces a lot of audionoise! A noise you can compare with the noise of a airco unit. But i didn't worked in a room with that noise! During shooting i have to switch recording from using the Wisycom transmitters in using the audioboom. The "airco-noise" produced by the Wisycoms was at that high it was a really problem for the recording. Later on i've tested the transmitters in a absolute quiet room. All four transmitters produced the "airco-noise" at the same level. Even when i didn't connect the microphone to the transmitter there was the noise. The most rare experience was that the level of the noise produced by the Wisycom varied by the chancing of the audiolevel input. So it wasn't possible to get a better audio-noise level. A day after i've tested the Wisycom MPT30 with the Wisycom receiver MCR42. Everthing was good. No rare "airco-noise" level produced by the transmitter. Even a test with a Sennheiser SK50 transmitter in combination with MCR42 was a good result. Very strange. But for me is this situation is unuseble. So i will work with Sennheiser or Micron transmitters. I hope this problem wil solve by Wisycom. Do you have the same experiences?? The "airco-noise" is irritating in very quiet situations. We are using Tram microphones for all of our transmitters. I realise that Wisycom has solld a lot of these units and on the internet i can't find anyone who has the same problems as described. So i hope it will be problem that's easy to correct. So i like to hear if anyone else has the same problems.
  6. May i asked you what's your experience with the MTP40?? Did you test the MTP40 very good??
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