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  1. I use a Hi-Q battery with DIY splitter that powers both the Papi and Micron... I've seen someone make a dual cable Hi-Q power adapter... Hope to pick one up next time I get to work. Which at this point will still be a while..
  2. Size played a part but for me it was the sound.. The low end of the Papi is what I would describe as "Tighter" than the MM1 that's with Rolloff set equal on both.. I always struggled with that part of the sound... The high end is crystal clear and has a nice warm feel in the Mid's.... Downside of Papi is no internal Battery... There are times that would be Great to have..
  3. I've been using Micron TX700 wireless since 2014..At first I paired it with the SD MM1 preamp, now I have it paired with the Mozegear Papi. Most would consider it clunky, my boom op wears a pack for them, powered by a small battery that lasts all day... But, damm I love how it sounds.. Super warm sound and extremely low noise floor. The Papi's preamp sounds excellent and a very transparent limiter.. Range for a 30mw system is outstanding with its true diversity receiver.. I tried a few Digital systems a few years back and while the sound was good I had range issues, particularly when encounte
  4. Stumbled on this Pic... Looks like it's from the Pilot Episode with Capt Pike
  5. 250mw is the only way I can get past all the garbage Camera/Crane setups put out... 100mw just get's caught in the wash..
  6. Or better yet.. Put one transmitter on an Ankle Strap and the other on a waste pack.. Little more real world...
  7. Boy that Eagle Eye and Cinieye look to be twins!
  8. Last week I picked up a Linksys RE9000 AC3000 wireless repeater.. I emailed the Cineyes peeps to ask if repeaters worked and they said yes.. So, rolled the dice and got one.. Happy to say it was an absolute breeze to setup and just testing at home it made a substantial improvement in range without adding any latency... I could test this by getting close enough for one tablet to be connected direct to Cineyes and the other tablet to the Repeater and noticed no difference... For the most part the latency is not huge for me, I got to use it before the shutdown and really just need to see who's ta
  9. Thinking of 2 TRX+ units or possible orignal Wifi master set to Slave.. Blink data not a big deal.. Here's what I was hoping to accomplish... TRX+ on follow cart and serves as TC Master. Utility uses the Timecode Buddy app to set the Timecode to Time OF Day. Then uses unit to Jam slates and whatever else. On my main/small cart have possibly WiFi Master or TRX+ set to slave rf so when Utility pops on, I'm in sync and ready.. I started making follow cart the TC Master because I swap between carts often and his cart is generally closer to set... The wave and pulse are cool be are serious ov
  10. Any Timecode Systems TRX+ users out there.. Have a question.. If you don't have a Pulse or Wave, can you still connect to the TRX+ with the Timecode Buddy? Only function I really would want it to easily set its timecode to Time Of Day.. Thx
  11. can you show the part of the guide for camera? Also, is there anything about not using Fog Machines.. That crap makes me cough even on a non-pollen day..
  12. It's not negative, but a realistic possibility of what might happen.. I was talking with post today, on a show for FOX that will be released what's now looking like September. We shot 3 cameras at all times and on main set, 5 cameras with hard spotlights.. Boom was off on the side, not close to set.. Camera setups were chaos, duplicate angles, wide/tights and a poor excuse of a stage with AC blowing straight down on sets with metal roofs.. All told, not a super sound friendly show to begin with.. If SAG comes down and says no lav's till vaccine, there's no way they will add extra cost to our b
  13. Philip, One thing on stages I'd love to see are 1. Reduce the number of Video Villages on Stage... My last 4 shows, it's out of control. We had 4 on my last show. Or Move at least 1 of them outside.. This can get producers and the vanities off the main stage.. 2. Reduce the amount of crew ON STAGE, All the grip and electric crap that they never use can be staged outside.. But, the reality of shooting in a sub-tropical area like Louisiana will not allow this to happen.. But all those Cooling tents won't be as popular!!
  14. 1. Production budgets won't go up. 2. Production Insurance will skyrocket 3. Production schedules will be squeezed. 4. Production's priority for additional help will be Medic's, not additional sound people 5. They won't paint out the boom, they won't hire additional sound people, we are the one department on set that our entire effort can be completely replaced in post. Prior to this we were already getting hammered, the easiest way to fix a problem is to avoid it..
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