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  1. I own multiple tablets from Dell, Venue Pro 8, Venue Pro 11's and Winbook TW100.. Purchased Dell's from Ebay.. They run the low power Atom processors and all work great..The Smaller Venue 8 can run all day with the help of external battery pack with a higher brightness.. The Larger Dell and Winbook can also run all day on same battery but at lower brightness.. Great options are out there.. Brand new not really needed.. If you select one that runs Windows 10, like all the ones I'm running.. Be sure to run the Windows Compatibility process.. Will set the app to run as Windows 8.1 app..
  2. Mark LeBlanc


    More questions 1. Probably should be a poll for requested Midi controller people wish to be supported 2. What’s the Input to Output Latency of the system with an analog signal 3. On which device do you map controls from Surface to Scorpio? At release, what will the default mappings be? 4. When Banking, is there a way to bank only say the Last 2 faders? That way I can map low word count actors together 5. Please map the Beep for rolling and 2 beep out the comm outs. 6. If there’s an issue with function on the control surface. Who should the first call goto? 7. I love moving app to Android, cheaper tablets and OS that doesn’t change behind the scenes as much as IOS but 8. Can you have a setting to see Maybe 12 channels instead of banking and or If you bank on the Control Surface will the Software follow? Sure there will be more ML
  3. Jack, So how do you change the gain and fader? Coming from SD, I've gotten used to Autotrim on my Maxx..
  4. Mark LeBlanc


    Seriously doubt SD will make another control surface. Low margin, medium repair footprint, high manufacturing cost. BUT!!!, I would be some enterprising engineer is currently on their computer with a design tailored to our world. In house controllers have a few huge advantages. 1. being it was designed for a given machine, any question about support went to one company.. With these 3rd party controllers, if theres an issue, who do you call?? 2. Power consumption, CL9 sips power, some of the one's I've looked at are north of 2 amps.. 3. Durability, how well will these controllers hold up in the swamps, bugs and heat of a Louisiana Summer.. 7plus year on my CL9 and I know what I trust.. What I love about the CL9 is simplicity and reliability. I turn it on and it works.. I look forward to field reports when all this finally drops..
  5. Mark LeBlanc


    Paul.. Thanks for the great reply! While your at it... Add that same Button delay on the Track Arm.. Are the user assignable buttons something you change on the Recorder or in a Config software for the Controller? Oh and The specs on the controller say 5amp draw.. Is that constant?,main reason asking is say on car rig day with maybe no AC is available..
  6. Mark LeBlanc


    Interesting product, but from a "Pull out my 788, insert new recorder" here's what I see.. 1. No gain control for headphone on any MCU controllers... It's just not a thing.. It 's big for me as I find myself on a lot of whisper/bang/whisper shows. 2. Does the Stop Button have the "Hold for 1 second" before stopping feature of the 788 3. I know the MCU has Mute and Solo buttons. Is there anything that can be remapped to Arm/Disarm tracks??? 4. Comm... Only the one toggle on the unit like all 6xx units.. Can you remap buttons to trigger Comm's. 5. Line input gain.. Again, my 788 tops out at 50 on line input, this tops out at 38... Those db are precious for me.. 6. Power connector????? WHY WHY WHY... 4 Pin Hirose was perfect. 7. Is the controller listed the only one supported? Presonus has a 16 channel model? Will this support Banking? Will the fader move when you bank back? In my day to day world.. These things are super important to me.. The higher track count is nice.. The form factor is nice.. I/O is nice.. Honestly don't know what I was expecting from the announcement, but I'm not feeling the overwhelming need to switch like I was hoping.. It will be a great product for SD and will serve many mixers very well but until some of the dust settles about how these controllers can be integrated I will hang back and let others test.. Just me,
  7. This is also happening to my Venue and Microns. Not limited to SRC. Our walkies are transmitting in the 430 range. I will get a clear hit at 556. Not a harmonic just flat out spray. Add to this everyone on set being wireless and it can be a nightmare
  8. Glenn, Working with my local vendor in NOLA, Sound Hard to get a demo setup!
  9. No chance to test Zaxcom here in NOLA but did test A10 last summer and did not have a positive experience. Chain Link fence and metal building with corrugated metal killed the signal. Tried all power settings and because of how house and set was there were no options. Threw my Micron back on boom.. Zero issue. Would really like to see how this Zaxcom setting works with these obstacles.. Lot of those shotgun style houses down here
  10. Hey 788t users.. Got one more for you.. This little utility will generate roll numbers for you..You can enter Pre Text that will show up in front of the Roll Number.. You can set how many Numbers are generated. I cap it to 70. You set which number the roll will end..Along with a few other settings you can just play with and figure it out pretty quick.. Just make a change and press Generate button and the result will display below the button. Again, on your iOS device, you enter an email address to send to.. If you have a Mac or PC, the Save button will show up to allow you to save to your desktop. Once on your computer simply connect your 788t to your computer and drag over the "ROLLFOLDERS.SML" file into the top level folder "SOUNDDEV" located in your Internal HD.. CF Card will not work.. I entered some number in with the downloaded version so you can see how it basically works..You need the Filemaker Go app from the App Store to work.. Version 16 and above should work fine.. As with the other utility... Hope it helps someone.... Enjoy! http://louisianafilmsound.com/788t/788t_Roll_Numbers.fmp12
  11. Fellow 788t owners.. I have a little database I wrote that now runs on the iPhone via Filemaker Go, which you download from the App Store.. I own 2 788t recorders and mainly work in episodic..So, every 8 days, new cast names to deal with.. I've long had this feature as a part of my breakdown app I wrote but spun it off to a standalone iPhone thing.. Its simple.. You run the DB, put in the name of the file the app will create, add all the character names you wish and email the result to your computer.. On a Mac or PC you connect to your 788t, copy over the file and Load from List in the names menu and off you go.. I got tired of changing names on both units so this was a fast way to deal with that... I hope this does someone some good... Below are links to both the Database file and a few videos hastily cobbled together to demo... Enjoy.. PS, only for iOS until they make Filemaker Go for Android and if you have a copy of filemaker pro on your Mac or PC this will work perfectly and expose a new button that allows you to save to your desktop.. Open the link from browser on iphone..It will ask if you want to open in Filemaker go.. http://louisianafilmsound.com/788t/788t_Track_Names.fmp12 Little video of the app https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m9VJD3zh7UI How to copy file to 788t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gl8MDIZklHc How to Load the Name file into 788t https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWun8dtUD_w
  12. In my bag rig the PSM sits in that front pouch part of my bag
  13. I have 2 PSM systems.. One is on cart running at 12v the other at 14... ZERO issues 12 v Power is PSC Powermx original version and 2nd is Powerstar.. On small cart with 788/Field venue/ 1 micron and wireless vid I get about 7hrs on 35ah pelican battery..
  14. Richard, In the spring I picked up a Shure PSM 900 system.. A solid purchase.. Sound Quality is excellent. Range is also on par with other systems and in some cases better (Punching thru Corrugated Metal Buildings). Best part is it's a Stereo transmitter that can setup as dual mono.. The receivers allow my Boom ops to dial in the blend they have from each other..IE Boom 1 is being sent to R, Boom 2 to L and on Receivers they can set that L/R blend.. Receivers are metal cases I have the G7 range and once I found an open freq (510) didn't move the rest of the season.. The transmitter can quickly change output power from 10/50/100 mw.. I ran it at 50 a majority of the time, kicking up to 100 when needed and occasionally down to 10 when we hit some crazy reflection issues on build sets. The cost is very competitive and ended up purchasing 2 transmitters and 2 receivers... Thumbs up.. ML
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