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  1. allistair

    Best Lavs?

    Getting DPAs or Sankens would be a huge upgrade. Also missing the antennas to SMA would be a solid improvement range wise.
  2. The product brand name is Toolflex. Lots of places have it.
  3. allistair

    DPA 2011

    Has anybody used the DPA 2011 capsules for film before? Seems like it would be handy for plant mics and car mounts but I haven't any mention of it being used for stuff other than music. I'll probably see if I can get my hands on one for testing but any reason you can think of why it wouldn't be ideal? I'm invested in the 4017 and 4018 line, so it's appealing to me that it'd work with the modular preamps I already have. https://www.dpamicrophones.com/ddicate/2011-twin-diaphragm-cardioid-microphone
  4. I had a 633 and Zaxcom wireless for a long time. One of my receivers was a QRX100 with the QIFB option. Worked great. Sometimes if talent was too far away the Zaxnet control wouldn't work but you could always rig up a better antenna or an amp if you have a cart set up.
  5. The brands that have stood the test of time and rigorous use (to my knowledge): K-Tek, Panamic, PSC, VDB, Ambient (and Loon which is now discontinued I think). If you can get to a pro audio store near you go try them out. It's very personal how you feel about the collars and feel of a pole.
  6. This is just a digital transmitter. They don't have a receiver for it with AES out yet, but I hope that's in the works.
  7. What is it about the FP8 that has you seeking out an alternative? Price? Size?
  8. I've been researching this and it seems like the Fusion5 10" tablet might be a good option. It's $180 on Amazon. I'll let you know my thoughts if I end up getting one.
  9. It's always a trade-off between compactness and room for accessories obviously, but I'd look at the K-Tek Mix Pro bag and the Orca OR-270 on the smaller end. The Sachtler and the OR-27 are both good choices as well though. I always find I need to go to Gotham Sound to check out any bag before I buy it to get a feel for it.
  10. Just wanted to revive this thread to see if anything like this has come out in the last few years. I'd love a no-frills box that simply gets AES into my computer.
  11. This cart looks amazing. What's the weight of it? I couldn't find that here or on the site.
  12. Crossing my fingers for a Lectro rusty coat hanger at NAB 2019.
  13. I have the junior, a harness, and a waist belt, and I mostly use the waist belt with it. The tradeoff I've found is that the belt doesn't distribute weight as well as the harness, but with the harness I take the bag off way less because it's time consuming. If I'm in a situation where I know I'll have to keep the bag on all day anyway (shooting long doc scenes in crowds or moving around a lot) I'll wear the harness, but otherwise I find that ultimately the belt and wearing the bag less is the better choice.
  14. I agree about this video and the relentless discussion on Facebook, Constantin. Also, the fabric isn't stretched as it would be with a tx inside. It is strange that this SeeSound account only posts about Viviana but hasn't disclosed any affiliation with the brand.
  15. I've had good luck with the cane tips as well in the past. Just bring the pole to Home Depot. And buy a measuring tape or at least a ruler while you're there!
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