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  1. I just used an amp on a doc. recently. I had whine and interference from the amp unless I turned the tx power down to 4 or 5.
  2. Honestly for the rate I am not expecting any seasoned Op to volunteer to sign up. Figure someone novice looking for some more contacts and to fill some of there calendar would be a good fit. Please send recommendations if you have some folks in mind.
  3. I was asked to mix an ULB movie of the week September 6th-23rd. To get the tax incentives they want to hire a local boom op. I don't know anyone local to the area. The rate is low, but in the past when I have worked with this company, they have had solid crew and take good care of us. They seem to be shooting more and more in SLC, so it maybe a good opportunity for someone local to get on there crew list. Any referrals let me know.
  4. So it was the DSP board. Zaxcom replaced and repaired. Thanks everyone.
  5. Tried everything I could think of. CF card in/ out, "*" and "stop" restarts, and still Nada. I have a back up unit that travels with me, so I was able to do the job today. Took it over to Audio Department where they could not get her going either, so they will have to open it up. I should hear something tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. I'll post updates as they come.
  6. Charged batteries. Hooked everything up, press "pwr" and the LCD turns white for a second then nothing. Tried internal power and the same thing. It seems to not be booting up. Any advise? At a gig now and totally bummed
  7. I just posted a copy of the ad that I saw on CL. My only comment was "Wow..." I just couldn't believe the arrogance of the post and the assumption people like the OP have of each departments education and gear costs relative to there compensation or day rate.
  8. Wow... Original post: "Lets put things in perspective... The avg person with a BACHELOR DEGREE or HIGHER Education. Has tuition fees, loans, books etc... $75k+ (at a decent college). After graduating, avg salary ~$37,000/yr ~$150/day BEFORE taxes. IRONY: SOUND GUYS: H4N, NTG-2 and a boom pole...Your gear cost? DP: 5D MK3 (or inferior) with Rokinon, Kit Lens or Nifty Fifty, Lowel Light Kit...Your gear cost? EDITOR: FCP X, AVID (or iMovie)...Your software/computer with RAID cost? Since your reading this I assume your not union or don't have the right connections or work ethic. Prospectively. Why do you feel... without a degree and a small-med investment in equipment you deserve $200-300+ per day? Again, the avg bachelor degree earns ~$150/day BEFORE taxes... I'm confused."
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