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  1. One of the mixers I work with told me golfing gloves are great for booming... I didn't try them because I don't like experimenting too much with gear on features and my hands are already rather silent. Anyone else have any experience with these?
  2. I love this. Dimensions/specs?
  3. This looks really lazy... But then again, it's also comedic genius.
  4. ..... you wore that thing on your head??
  5. RE: "Furry" Lol. Choose your wording with care: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Furry_fandom Especially on the internuts.
  6. Haha! Right on. I'll definitely post about what I get in the mail. Basically, right after I finalized the PayPal transaction, I stumbled across some comment on another site about how there are Chinese knockoffs of the 416 and to be careful. Immediate doubt, slight panic.
  7. When a superior chews me out for something I couldn't help and then leaves the room.
  8. I think the reason why it was brought up is because of the "stay in your department" mentality. If you're a camera guy, do that. If you're a sound guy, do that. Doing both is a compromise of interests and quality. If you're willing to spend more money on sound, spend that money on hiring a kickass sound guy who already knows which gear will work the best for each gig. That way you can focus on camera and s/he can focus on sound. I haven't really followed many of your posts though, so my apologies if I'm misinterpreting how you operate.
  9. I've only had an ME66 up until now. I just bought this as a Christmas present to myself. I thought it was a relatively good deal. Thought I'd check in here to see if I made any major mistakes lol. Pretty sure it's solid though. Used Sennheiser MKH416 for $600 http://www.ebay.com/itm/291035705734
  10. I find it hilarious how beer/alcohol is so aptly described using audio terms. I love In Flames. I want to go to Sweden almost entirely because of the music from over there. But now I also have this beer as additional incentive. But Anders Friden wasn't the first... http://firstwefeast.com/drink/headbangers-brew-a-history-of-heavy-metal-and-craft-beer-collaborations/ I was totally gonna post this one... but you beat me to it. I laughed so hard when I saw this.
  11. +1 for hobo tricks. Newspaper makes for an excellent insulator. If you do this, make sure to separate and crumple the pieces.(although I could see it making noise... ecgh.) LOTS of layers, tuck in your shirt/s, get those little hand warmers, grow a beard, get a scarf, Garfield headphone cozies, etc. One mixer I worked for even had his wife knit him a boom cozy. I never used it, but I bet it's not a bad idea for keeping your hands from freezing to the pole. Be adamant in doing all of your wiring indoors. I also have what I endearingly call my "hobo jacket." It's a 3XL jacket that I can put on that completely covers me and all my gear on my person. I think I got it at Walmart.
  12. I'm still laughing quite hard at this. I just get a lot of crap from other crew members about it... until it proves its usefulness. lol.
  13. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I always have a bit of shamwow with me on set for situations like this. Of course I never use it directly on talent, but the absorbency is awesome and undoubtedly has saved many a mic from an early retirement.
  14. What about one of the aforementioned handheld recorders with a small mic attached? Bypass the crappy on-board mics and use a mic worth your time. Something small that can be secured to the body of the recorder without being obtrusive.
  15. I've used the 152CCR on several features and LOVED it. It's a perfect length for being very adaptable to almost all situations. Of course, using the big feature poles is much more fun lol. But it doesn't sound like OP is looking for a 20' feature pole. From my OMB days, I got a kit on Amazon that did me really well; it included a mic, accessories, pole, and a carry-bag to put it all in. The pole is the only thing I still use, the Avalon KE-89CC. It's compact and cozy and very much affordable. It's aluminum, but due to the size it's rather hard to notice. It's even made its way into a couple features when the 152CCR was too big. I'd recommend looking into it. ENG work would be well suited for it, especially if you're a OMB. I hear many people talking about cable noise from internally cabled poles. When the cable gets coiled tightly, it is more likely to make internal noise (tension, and more room to swing around and strike the insides). When the cable is coiled more loosely, it has less tension, and therefore less cable noise. So, if you're getting cable noise, try spinning the sections at the knuckle. This will twist the cable and make it looser or tighter, depending on direction. Twisting too much can damage the cable, so don't go crazy with this. Just a tip from experience.
  16. http://1stassistantdirectors.tumblr.com/search/sound
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