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  1. I wonder what are the difference on the construction of the aaton cantar x3 after the serial 244. I guess the display, and anything else? Thanks!
  2. Does works with 12v DC or only AC? And does have direct outs as the SX-S?
  3. You are almost 100% right, less the part I'm incorrect cause I'm concern about that the console will not give me a better mix. Assuming that I´ll have a good re-recording mixer around if I have to choose about features or time, I´ll go for time, no doubt. The only thing is that I was expecting find something in our range and still have the enought time and I was thinking about not have to mix with pluggins for eq as Icon does, in my experience in mixing stage, so far I have felt the difference specially in the dialogs ( Usually I do the location recording as well ) but of course it's all about the art of the re-recording mixer, with that I agree 100%. You guys have to excuse me cause I'm not familiar at all with the range of prices in LA, in Europe we can find in the range I was mentioning, mixing rooms with nice features ( and consoles ) but probably cause we have a small industry.
  4. Thanks Philip, I'll send them an email to find out if it would be available for our budget.
  5. Actually doesn't has to be a DFC, ( is what I would like but if it's unaffordable I understand it ) what I don't want is a studio with an Icon, cause then I rather prefer to mix the project in Spain.
  6. I'm not sure about the prices in L.A. but here let's say nice studio with a DFC for one single mixer ( nothing to do with your good ones like WB etc ..) is from the range of 5000 to 9000$ per week dry. Something in that range would do, either wet or dry. For work a single re-recording mixer and me shooting my session in protools.
  7. Hi Folks, I need to recommend a mixing studio in LA ( but might also work in NY too) for a prod company that I'm gonna be doing the sound design this time. Can you guys recommend me a nice place if possible with a DFC console that is affordable for an European (witch means most of the times the same ) kind of a low budget movie. Thanks!! Jordi Cirbian, CAS
  8. Hey Folks, I'm gonna be moving to L.A. in the next weeks and I'll have to change all my lectro systems cause I'm working in block 27/28. Soon I´ll post in the sell and buy section a bunch of lectros. At the moment I'm interested to Know wich blocks work better in L.A., I've heart that 25/26 is a good range? Thanks, Jordi Cirbian, CAS
  9. Hehe Vinod man! How is it going! Sometimes, in this job cause we have no one to compare or to discuss how to do things, I'm wondering if the rest of the collegues are working on the same way or it´s just me! It's this sensation of working always by ourselves! Man, I´ll be going to India very soon for the post of the movie I've done recently. I have the same skype Id, we´ll get in touch! Jordi Cirbian
  10. That's right Phil and Jeff! It's all about how it taste not how you cook it!
  11. In the cantar we have 4 line inputs and 5 pre's in analog mode. Even reducing the input level on the pre for high gain inputs I'm still using the pre's with the limiters, highpasses, etc...
  12. Hi Folks, I have two question, first one is Lectro still changing the 700hz block to others legal in US? second one... If I use block 27 below 700hz is that ok or FCC still will get "unhappy"? Thanks, Jordi
  13. Did anyone has some experiences with it that want to share? I'm planning to get one, looks very attractive for noise situations but all the digital thing / conversion.... sounds still confusing to me. I've heart that using the shoeps conversion AD/DA the quality goes down a little bit and creat some light mids distortion. Thanks, Jordi
  14. My recorder Aaton Cantar-x has some presets for shooting in 23,98 but you should now the editing software where the assistant editor is gonna sync up everything. Once I fucked this up, shooting in 48k instead of 48048 cause I set avid instead of fcp and the first two days of the shooting, untill they've notice that something was wrong I had to re-convert one per one every single track manually. A Nightmare if you have to change the whole movie.
  15. I'm working with a cooper sound mixer 306 connected to an Aaton Cantar-x Recorder. I love the pre of my aaton cantar but realize that going throught the mixer pre and then aaton pres instead line input I get a more nicer color in my opinion. I know I'm using two pre`s... but I still love the result. Has anybody experienced this too? Jordi
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