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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum and I hope I am posting in the right section and if not I apologize in advance and will remove and repost in proper section. I am an Australian (Sydney) based sound recordist and have been working as a location sound recordist for the past year. I have a basic setup of a Rode NTG3 mic, SD302 Mixer and a Tascam DR100 MKII. I have hired extra equipment such as radio mics ( mainly the Sennheiser EW 100-ENG G3) and now I am very interested in buying some lectrosonics wireless systems, as I heard they are the best. However, I am highly confused at what I should buy and have a few questions for other Australian based sound recordists or anyone who can answer my general questions about Lectrosonics and which wireless systems I should purchase. The wireless systems will be used for on location and studio recording. Feature film and television Which blocks perform the best in Australia? In particular in Sydney? Which transmitters and receivers are best value for money? No budget just best value for money. Also what’s the performance difference of the UM400AAU transmitter block 25 and the LMAAU transmitter B25 also…As there is a $400 price difference as you can see on this website: http://www.johnbarry.com.au/categories/audio/microphones Also the super miniature transmitters on the page, are they any good for film and TV? Which is the best microphone to put into each lectrsonics transmitter? budget around $300-$500 Can I use a dual reciever? E.g/ Lectrosonics SRA Dual reciever, as this would cut the cost of buying a reciever for each transmitter but is this reliable? Does anyone have experience with this? Also I noticed I can't order from B & H (America based company) for transmitters or receivers even if they have the same frequency blocks as Australian based models. I assume it's because it needs to have some kind of Australian standrad compliance or something. Has any other Australian based sound recordist had this problem and still used gear that hasn't got AUS standard compliance, with no issues ? As I could probably get a friend to purchase the items in the US then send them over in the post, just as people sell second hand gear made in the US to AUS based sound recordists on these forums. Besides John Barry in Sydney where else can I buy some brand new lectrosonics wireless systems? Thank you all in advance for your help and your answers, I really appreciate it! Cheers!
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