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  1. I also have some really old iPowers skill kicking from maybe 2010? The purple text ones. I finally retired the older light blue ones. I’ve gotten some Tenergy ones more recently and they seem to work well, but they’re mostly for Comteks. I don’t have any transmitters left that use 9v. I do occasionally use them in a 411 paired to a HM for a handheld, and no complaints.
  2. it’s tricky. If you’re capturing dialog, then you have different needs than if you’re recording music or ambience. That goes for inputs and for what you want to hear via the headphones. i also factor in that I usually use a Zaxcom mixer and my Zaxcom wireless is connected via AES. No pres except the boom, if the boom isn’t wireless. If I’m setting up a Sound Devices mixer with Lectrosonics wireless, I’m making the wireless send to mixer inputs a line level signal because that’s what Lectrosonics recommends. I was working as a 3rd for a mixer this last week and we were talking about how much of it is mics we grow accustomed to, and how anything different sounds.... different. I think that’s why some people have reactions to DPA mics. They don’t color the sound like some common mics in our world. The same would go for hooking up your wireless inputs to the mixer through mic-level preamps versus a digital connection.
  3. 2x the RF stuff, but not the audio parts. I never looked inside one, so I don’t know what they look like. If it’s doable, I’m sure we will see them one day. Why wouldn’t they? It’ll make that machine that much more amazing.
  4. I'm sure it would already exist if it was insignificant engineering. That would require double the RF receiver parts packed inside the same size package. If the components *can* be packed in, there’s also a heat consideration. Not saying it’ll never be possible, but that’s a big leap because the module size is already set. It’s not like they can even make a new housing that’s 50% bigger or something, because that’s already defined. That said, I owned a Fusion 10 and soon will have a Nova. The difference in size is amazing, even if they’re 10 years apart.
  5. I know this thread is old, but I find the Etymotics way more flat than many others. When I used to play bass in a band, I liked the rubber foam ones you roll and shove in your ear because they cut the higher end disproportionately. I could really hear drums and my bass more. That was terrible if I was playing guitar, and that was when I started using the Etymotic ones. I had a set of the Eargasm ones and they weren’t bad. I eventually lost them, and may get more to try them again.
  6. There was also a high speed car accident a few years ago. The officer was racing to a call and I guess another car didn’t yield to them? I don’t remember the exact details. The camera op and sound mixer were hurt pretty badly. Just know what you’re signing up for if you choose to work on a show like that.
  7. When I sold my last block 28 stuff, it sold to people in the USA. I posted it to Ebay with international shipping. I don’t know if it was travel kit, or they were buying for a friend, but it was US buyers. I held onto it for a while in case I went somewhere it was still legal, but that never happened.
  8. what a transitional time period to be working in a studio.... wow. I wish I'd gotten to see the studio while it was still there.
  9. I’m going to guess there being a pair of tumbleweeds is a hint.
  10. The bill was only released to the public (and Democrats) around 17:30 EST Friday afternoon. It’s over 500 pages long, and the House is scheduled to vote on Tuesday. I don’t see any way there will be a CBO score, and obviously no public hearings to discuss it. I’m guessing a bunch of accountants and economists will spend the weekend crunching numbers. Kind of wild that *if* this passes next week, it goes into effect on January 1st 2018. As of right now, the Republicans seem to have enough votes to pass it themselves. I did hear they are removing the ability to take a deduction on your federal taxes for state taxes, which is specifically a big Republican F U to the people of California, NJ and New York. Yet the ACA still had over 30 hearings. This tax plan had zero. The senate plan was handed to the democrats, and public, 2 hours before they voted on a 400+ page plan. They wouldn’t have to hide the details if it was good legislation.
  11. I like that the ERX uses 2 AA batteries and rechargeables lasts all day. The size is the same as the old iPhone/ iPod, so cases were abundant. Something smaller would be great, but I don’t get size complaints. If I do, it’s people that want nothing on their camera rig.
  12. I've been using the IE ones for a while now (same thing), and they've been great. Definitely worth the upgrade, and people will buy your NP batteries and chargers pretty quickly.
  13. I've always loved my Loon, but knowing more history of the person behind it makes the whole thing more personal. I actually wish I had more than one Loon. That's something that gets lost these days more and more. We know some of the people behind the companies that make a lot of our gear, and I love that personal connection. Johnpaul
  14. Wow Jim, thanks for sharing that.
  15. I'm guessing there's nothing on the market (except the Lectrosonics one) beyond a 2 bay because these things last soooo long in point & shoot cameras. That's probably also why the lower capacity knock-offs are fine for most people. I do like that Zaxcom and Lectrosonics both use the same battery, and hope a 3rd party sees an opportunity to make something targeted at our world.
  16. How are your ears? I've worked with a few musicians and studio people as boom ops and they were incredible. They have this lifetime of listening to very slight differences in sounds, and that's why some of them become very good boom ops very very quickly. They'll quickly learn what is off axis and what is the mic's sweet spot. For what you're doing, you can make it work without wireless mics. Assuming you guys shoot proper coverage, that's where the cleaner dialog comes from. That is assuming that the actors are delivering a consistent performance (have this talk with your crew). the dialogue from when the cameras (and mics) are closer can be used for the wide shot. That will also help it sound more consistent throughout the scene. When somebody is working on a budget that is apparently as low as what you guys are, I think it makes more sense to really focus on that boom instead of you losing money by bringing a whole bunch a wireless that isn't in the budget. I don't know how old you are, but most of us grew up watching television and movies where the majority of the cast did not have a wireless mic. They only used them when needed. Everything came from the boom. This "we must wire everyone, even if they don't have a scripted line" wasn't so common in the past.
  17. I think this was announced pretty recently. Somewhere else I saw a post about the 702, the 722 and the 744T all being retired. The 702T and 788T-SSD continuing for now. I'd bet the 702T/702/722 has a following with people doing field recordings (besides dialog). Keeping the 702T also makes sense for people wanting a small backup recorder on the cart.
  18. If you read the post on FB, the problem is that the manufacturer doesn't have FCC approval, and apparently doesn't care to get it. I am guessing that basically SGS found a *close* amp on the market that they thought was approved, and was getting the manufacturer to tweak it slightly to their specs for what we need. Hopefully they will investigate a different manufacturer that has FCC approval. Knowing how long they've been working on this, I wouldn't expect a replacement product super quick..... unless they had a Plan B manufacturer all along.
  19. William Sarokin posted on Facebook that he's been using them for a while and thought they sounded even better than his LA transmitters.
  20. I just put a SSD in my 2011 Mac Mini a few months ago and it's great. I got a kit from Other World Computing. I did a clean install because I have been using migration assistant or something else for years and years and years and probably had some stuff going back to the classic macOS. I also thought I may have had some stuff on the old computer that was bogging down my new one, but I think it was actually the hard drive starting to fail. You can use Time Machine to restore it, or a lot of people swear by Super Duper. I did everything manually, and had stuff fairly organized into folders. Plus between Time Machine and stuff backed up in the cloud I am pretty protected. http://www.shirt-pocket.com/SuperDuper/SuperDuperDescription.html
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