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  1. Not specifically related to the 54, but the sound you describe i know well from other wisys if Tx compander is set differently then RX compander. ENR vs ENC
  2. Hello everyone, i am currently using the Zaxcom Micplexer2 with passive sharkfin antennae but would like to have the option to place the antennae closer to set if needed. With added cable length comes the need to compensate for the RF Loss, so i am wondering if it is possible to use my Micplexer2 with an active antenna scenario? And how? Would it be suitable to place a Bias-T in between Micplexer and active antenna in order to provide the needed Bias voltage? Or would this cause harm to the micplexer? Thank you and please excuse my RF-Noob question. Julian Cropp
  3. I mostly use 8050 indoor on boom for dialogue and 8060 for outdoor and wide shots.
  4. Does not work with the shortcut you described. Tested other combinations and buttons for up to 10 sec each... blue light keeps flashing
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