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  1. ben lowry

    Comtek BST-25/216 on battery power?

    Johnny, i have smoked a BST-25-216 by using a hot-off-the-charger Hytron (easily 16V). Comtek said that was too high voltage. I put a 12V regulator in the battery plate, and all was good. Ben
  2. ben lowry

    In-Depth Review: Betso Sharkie Active LPDA Antenna

    Thanks for the thorough review, Matt. I'm looking forward to trying out the Betsos. My understanding of the Lectro ALP650 operation, however, is that its active gain setting are +5, +8, and +12 dB; attained by adding jumpers to attenuate by -7 or -5 from the default +12dB gain. Best, Ben Lowry
  3. ben lowry

    788-CL9 question

    No, when the CL-9 is connected, the 788T's front panel gain knobs only function as on/off switches for the channel. Ben Lowry
  4. ben lowry

    Black magic smartview duo

    pkautzsch, I have mine mounted upside down on my cart because it's mounted higher than my head. Works well. ben Lowry
  5. ben lowry

    18v from Remote Audio Meon for Cooper

    http://www.remoteaudio.com/juicer/ --Ben Lowry
  6. ben lowry

    Lectrosonics antennaes in a pinch?

    Take some coax cable (w/ bnc ends for the RX, SMA for the TX), cut it to 1/4 wave length. Strip off the jacket and braid/foil, keeping the core conductor in its insulation as your whip.
  7. Hi James, These earwigs want narrow-band (and non-companded) deviation; and Comtek ch 42 is wide/companded. I'd stick with Ch 40 and below. ben lowry
  8. ben lowry

    ALP 620 mounting nuts/bolts

    Gotcha. Looks like a 6-32 screw with a 5/8" long shaft. Ben Lowry
  9. ben lowry

    ALP 620 mounting nuts/bolts

    Hi Josh, My ALPs (500, 620, 650) are tapped with holes for pretty much any mounting bolt you might have on set in the US: 1/4"-20, 3/8" (boom pole), and 5/8" (mic stand). I think all the Lectro ALPs I've encountered have all of these options. Ben Lowry
  10. ben lowry

    Trouble shooting help please!

    Try lifting pin 1 in the hop-to-cam XLRs? ben lowry
  11. ben lowry

    I blew up my Zaxcom Rx900

    I have blown two RX900s when plugging in their power leads. Confirmed correct DC polarity. Seems most likely to have arced when connecting the hot coax plug. Made it a practice to kill power to coax plugs before connecting to these units & never happened again. Ben Lowry
  12. ben lowry

    Cancun Wireless Problems. HELP!

    Hi Ed, My favorite is the WinRadio WR-G33WSM, but it requires using a laptop running Windows (in my case by running Parallels on my Mac). I also have a TTi handheld unit, whose scan files can import directly into IAS software and is much more portable, but the WinRadio gives me a better big-picture idea of the spectrum. I haven't really played with the newer (very inexpensive) RF Explorer to know how good it is. Ben
  13. ben lowry

    Cancun Wireless Problems. HELP!

    Matt, Just found some spectrum notes from last time I worked in Cancun (about a year ago). - only active TV broadcasts were analog and VHF (ch 5, 7, 11, 13) - very strong taxi dispatch centered around 475.250 MHz (within TV ch 14 & Lectro block 470) - 450 - 470 MHz (commercial walkies, etc. in the US) had many very strong but intermittent signals - UHF that covered Lectro blocks 19 to 26 was completely open over the week I was there So, if you're doing a coordination & have a spectrum analyzer that will do peak-hold, let it run for a while to find those strong lower-UHF intermittents, which may be giving you surprise intermod products that the Venue scans miss. Hope this helps. Who knows what has changed since a year ago? Ben Lowry
  14. ben lowry

    Cart question

    Sounds like you're describing rack handles, a flattened U-shape bar with tapped ends, made to span different numbers of rack units vertically. They're for pulling out installed gear, but can mount to rack rails for protecting gear. If you want a horizontal bar in front of the gear (like to protect Venue knobs), look for lacer bars. ben lowry
  15. ben lowry

    Preston Remote Focus Interference on G2 receivers?

    David, Was camera using a Cine Tape or PanaTape ultrasonic range finder? These can make an soft but audible ticking sound that your mics will pick up. Ben Lowry