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    I have been doing sound (for better or worse) for 40 years as of 2013 ( that scares even me)
  1. Hi Jack Been here & enjoyed for some time But this my first post... I will get around to putting my Bio up. I just received a Maxx to demo... Very nice sound... After some menu flumoxing... I feel comfortable now !. I just went out & got a 32G Kingston 266 card to play with. Went to format & It won't do MARF just Fat32.... The Maxx came with firmware ver0.95 62rev I have registered at Zaxcom.Com. But am not allowed to download ver 1.00 Would be nice to play with it tonight & tomorrow (it's a Holiday in Canada) I was hoping you or someone could lead me to another download location ( I did search!) Thanks Stewie
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