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  1. As far as I can see you cannot set playback sources. The only options for playback are "all outputs" or "headphone only" I was thinking to send to the speakers using X1 and then not route any of the channels I'm recording to X1. If I set playback to all outputs that should work. X1 won't get signal during recording but it should during playback. Make sense? I'll get the speakers tomorrow so can't test until then. Thanks
  2. I will be doing a recording on a stage using the Sound Devices 633. Instead of using comteks to monitor, the client and talent want a playback setup with loudspeakers. After takes they want me to play back the audio so they can listen back. Is there a way with the 633 outputs to set up the speakers so that they are only fed audio upon playback and not during the recording of a take? I don't want to have to unplug or switch off the speakers each time. Any tips would be much appreciated thanks!
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