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    I have been working with film post production for 12 years; I am now primarily working with TV (on a danish national broadcaster, as well as being involved i film projects. I am quite fascinated by Nagra recorders and everything connected with them.
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  1. On the ATN supplies the ripple capacitor is often completely dried out. It can easily be replaced by a new capacitor (1000-2200 uF, suitable voltage), making the supply as good as new. And without hum.
  2. Did you find out more about the LEDs that are permanently on? I have the service manual in case you need it...
  3. I still would advise you to get the proper type of oil; PDP65 oil will last longer and lubricate better...
  4. The roller is held in place by three tiny slot drive (flat) screws. If you loosen them, you can pull off the roller. There are two sintered bearings inside, that are staying in place on the shaft. It shouldn´t be a problem to massage/lubricate the two bearings, as they are readily accessible when the roller cap is off. I would recommend using PDP65 oil; it is a bit expensive, but since you will only need 1-2 drops, you can buy f.ex. 3 ml oil. That will last a long time. https://www.ebay.com/itm/6-5-ml-Sinterlagerol-Gleitlagerol-ISOFLEX-PDP65-fur-Schallplattenspieler/123
  5. It is a bit of an oddity, because in itself it is nice and well built, but since Kudelskis accessories (and the Nagra) had positive ground, it could only supply -10 V to other units. That limits the use, since there were virtually no other manufactúrer, who used that configuration, so it is primarily useable for powering their little mixer and, possibly, the QGB adapter. The cables in the back are the same as the ones used for the QGB, and they might be used with the SELA BT2880 mixer too (I am not sure).
  6. I think that the nominal life time of the head assembly is 1500 hours, but I guess that it also depends on the general care for the heads and drum. One of the problems with having a defective Nagra D is that virtually nobody can service them. They are not only quite advanced, but the repair also mostly involve very specialised tools. F.ex. to measure the RF output voltage on the Nagra D, you will need to mount two special clamps on the entry tape guides on the drum assembly. But since there is no picture or description of these tools, it is impossible to find out anything about their function.
  7. The german seller also has a Nagra D in "mint condition" and "almost unused" drum. This almost unused drum has run for 750 hours, which is half the nominal life time. So much for "mint"...
  8. If you check the list, right now many of the ads are from the same German seller, and his prices are certainly not discounted. If his prices were realistic, I would be a very, very rich man... Unfortunately/fortunately they are not, and it seems that eBay is increasingly flooded with Nagra gathering dust there; unsellable due to the unrealistic prices. I would love to see the German sellers collection though; I guess that he doesn't sell much, but he sure has some interesting machines.
  9. Sue Butcher: Regarding the colours of the Nagra III leads I have just checked on a set of schematics for the III, and it seems that the head with the black/blue leads are the "original" recording head. My drawing is from 1957, so I guess that it must be the first type/proto type combination. There is no indication that the head is polarized per se, but it might be that an overzealous engineer had felt that the phasing of the head could be important. On the photo of the eBay heads there also is a (white) head with red/red wires; that seems to be a playback head, but again with identical coloure
  10. I hope that they are not trying to record anything on the second shot... The tape is threaded wrong, making the tape pass the erase head without contact...
  11. A few notes to Eric: During the last 7-8 years I have acquired quite a few Nagras of different types, and I am impressed how well (nearly) all of them has performed, even when in a battered/ugly state. They are very, very robust and also mechanically relatively simple; not like in "crude" or straightforward, rather like finely tuned and intuitively built. I have only two recorders (a III with a disintegrating idler wheel and a water damaged 4.2), that I have put on the shelf without starting repairing it. The rest are functioning well, I guess that they would have the heads adjuste
  12. If you want a quick tour through the history of the Nagra, here is a good place to start: https://medias.ircam.fr/x957613 It is in french; my french is not really great, but still I managed to get the main points (obviously it helped, that I knew most of it before seeing it...). But the speakers french is clearly articulated, and some slides are in english, so it should be possible to get the grasp even with a basic knowledge of the language. A funny detail is that she actually refers to this thread a source in her research... I can also recommend the docume
  13. Stefan Kudelski was indeed a man of many talents... A facet, that I have not been aware of until very recently, was his musical interests. Within the Kudelski company his role was primarily developement of equipment for recording sound, but he was also in contact with the french music theoreticist Alain Daniélou, who wanted to have a musical instrument built especially for performing music following his theories. Stefan Kudelski "outsourced" the project to his son André Kudelski (now CEO of Kudelski SA) and Claude Cellier, who then worked for Kudelski (he later formed the company Merging Techn
  14. The "amongst others" was just not to be too categorical about where the gold reels were used; they might be used elsewhere too.. Regarding the test tapes, the reels for them were engraved with the content ("Azimuth", "Speed" etc). I have my eyes set on a SN test tape kit, but unfortunately the seller is reluctant to name a price. But I know where it is, and I don't think that it will disappear anytime soon... I have got quite a few reels of SN tape, but unfortunately some of the tape stock is in really bad condition. Other tapes are fine, and I am amazed about the sound quality. Th
  15. The gold anodized reels were a.o. used in the set of adjustment tapes, that were made for the SN series...
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