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  1. Such a simple thing built it wrong right out of the box... wiping egg off my face... thx
  2. I have the E-OSIX-- for sure the blue screen rubs.. Could just be my ears but i think a thinner screen would yield more clarity on some voices-- for sure, we pull the screen off when we feel it is safe to- and it seems to make a difference
  3. Using Mini CMIT- after some careful listening-- really starting to not like the blue windscreen that came with mic. And it rubs against the cinela mount-- So i am looking for much thinner foam screens-- Anybody here using something they like? thx,, j
  4. I bought a pair of DC bias blockers to protect myself from this very problem.. Never used them-- Happy to offer them up for sale. john.
  5. Thnx David. The antenna mounts were from Ebay. The antenna mounts ( happy accident) are used to attach bag to the makerbeam/1/4 plywood frame. We'll see how they hold up-- They were about 10$ each.. This whole bag has been an experiment- so i have tried to keep it on the inexpensive side. If i find it is a manageable way to work with MINI- then i will upgrade some of the components( lighten it up too) and make it ready for prime time. j
  6. Bag finished for now.... will probably regret not adding hydra- but that requires some more planning... Makerbeam frame-- placed inside a Gator Pro-DJ CD bag- hacked. Power and bistro done by Audio Wireless DAD226- so i can add more RF.. fairly Heavy-- but pretty balanced. I would not do a long day or shoulder work with it- but for the quick pickup or car rig.. no problem... j
  7. Thanks Karl-- looking forward to putting this all together....
  8. So pretty much any windows tablet can run WD-- via usb? or does it have to be via network.. i am looking at Toshiba with windows 8.1...
  9. And.... my issues were strictly in the A band. And i was using SL-6/688 combo-- so there was some filtering in there... You may not be having same issue.... but it does sound familiar...
  10. I had similar problem--new units etc... awhile ago. It took a bit to get it straightened out but now my SRCs have been rock solid for years.. Dean Slotness( who is no longer in Lectro customer service) persevered and got it done.. Very happy ever since..
  11. If you fixed a problem that they would have complained about later, then you were working in their best interest. Delicate balance. A good producer knows this. If you knew you needed more help, and did the job under crewed then it is on you-- to a certain extent, because the producer knew to have advance crew in other depts. Do the best job they allow you to do. If it is a general lack of respect for location sound-- not much you can do about that.
  12. i guess my question is..... How does a single channel of DSQD compare with a single channel of 822... j
  13. Looking to hear real world RF comparisons between DSQD and 822s....... Who uses the DSQD in 4 channel receiver mode.... or is it really that much better in 2 channel- ratio... thx,... j
  14. Schoeps makes in line xlr low cut. Passes phantom too.
  15. Three greyhounds over 20 years.-- and one over energetic whippet. Sweet pups.
  16. I think the only real way to use bag on shoulder is to "wedge up" the back-- so that you can see the top surface. But no way to test it out without going thru effort of making a special rig.. So i will try--- The Bag i had made for the mini to be used with PSC sixpack is awesome but the mini is way to cumbersome in that mode to be used over the shoulder.. I am relying on my mini more and more- just looking for ways to maximize flexibility. So off the workshop to tinker.. DRpro.. my greyhounds are not allowed there...
  17. Ah-- of course-- from the previous posts of this thread... should have just looked back a few months... Here is the bigger question-- with a wedge type rig-- can you do a bag job actually using mini over the shoulder.... 9 months into Cantar mini- and i am still wondering if using faders while using the recorder on the shoulder is a practical thing. Don't get me wrong-- i love my mini- and am thankful i've made the switch.
  18. DRpro.. I am working on a wedge type rig for Cantar mini . Sort of same structure as yours - using makerbeam t-slot. Have you considered how your rig would go into a bag —. Or thought about having a bag made ?
  19. X3 Cantars can now do VNC connection-- so you can mirror your screen to tablet or computer..
  20. Cantar takes time to learn-- i picked up a mini in Sept... i am still learning how to maximize my workflow.--- that being said. I do love the mini-- and love working with linear faders instead of rotary ones. Best part is that i can assign any fader to any function.. Actually they do not call them faders- they are called actuators.. Mini on the shoulder- very tough.. i am going to design a bag for shoulder use and have it made. The integration with Hydra to my lectro receivers is good but it is not as good as what i had with SL-6/688. With lectros in hydra, not all the menu options are there like they were in 688. If you go to PSC six pack manual, you can see what options are there for each RX brand. Not all the same..
  21. johngooch

    NP-1 dummy

    Converting away from NP-1s -- I was wondering if anybody makes a Dummy NP-1 that i could use in my 688-SL-6 and use a ext dc in the Np-1 input.. I have seen some short dummy NPs but not full size.. j
  22. Every time we arrived in Kenya- we had a guy meet us who knew the the ins and outs of customs-- each time it was the same guy and he was hired- no payoffs.. All handshakes and smiles.... Coming into Kenya with any kind of sketchiness is not recommended- Have everything buttoned down.
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