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  1. Hey Ande, They're proving popular in New Zealand too for IFB being compact, rechargeable battery and built to Lectrosonics standards. Cheers, Stephen
  2. I know Ultrasone headphones have been popular with location mixers in the past. Has anyone tried out the ADAM Audio SP-5 headphones https://www.adam-audio.com/en/news/industry/new-premium-headphone-adam-audio-studio-pro-sp-5/ on location and what is your feedback?
  3. Has anyone modified a Sennheiser HMD26 headset to auto mute the microphone when the mic boom arm is lifted? A client was offered this pre-installed by Sennheiser but it can't source the required circuit board anymore. Any suggestions and/or previous experience appreciated. Thanks
  4. Sorted! Thanks Forrest Forbes, Trew Audio, Nashville
  5. Hello all, Doesn anyone know the pin config (or schematics if not simple pin to pin connection) for the link cable to join together 2x Wendt X5 mixers? "The 5 pin connector marked LINK allows two X5 mixers to be cross-linked which yields a full 10 channel mix with 8 line outputs". Thanks, Stephen
  6. I would like to power a Lectrosonics R1A receiver from a Panasonic HDX900 camera using a old style MBATELIM battery eliminator. The R1A is modified for the battery eliminator. A friend had an issue with a using similar with a Panavision Genesis. From that experience "The R1a audio output ground and power supply ground are common, since when the unit operates on a battery there is no power to ground connection. If an external supply is connected and the audio output is connected to a device with the same power ground, things gets shorted." This hasn't been an issue with a SONY camera but has anybody done the same with the Panasonic HDX900? Thanks, Stephen
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