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    Gaylen Nebeker <br /><br />DIT <br />HD/3D Video Assist <br />HD Wireless expert<br />Owner of Nebtek Inc. Equipment manufacturing and sales specializing in Video Assist equipment.<br />

    Nomad Cart NEBTEK

    The 2 Baby pins are standard with the carts. There are additional brackets that allow you to mount more baby pins offset. I will post pictures soon. Also cheese plates can be placed in many other locations on the cart that can be a place to add more 3/8 or 1/4-20 stud baby pins. Bob, my friend! I am glad to hear from you! I think of you whenever I go to see Dead and Co. or another dead Band. Good old days! I remember you sitting in the back of a police car or with a large breasted transvestite! LOL! Mostly I just remember you rubbing your fingers in front of your face and the ear to ear grin! Then Running to the front of every lunch line! I miss you my friend! Gaylen Nebeker The nose plate is removable for shipping but does not just fold up. It has 6" foam filled pneumatic tires. I suppose we can make it fit 8" front tires with a slight mod. Awesome I will have one in my Sun Valley location soon.
  2. Here is a new cart I have been working on. It's a removable rack cart for people who use full rack length equipment on their cart. I'd love any input from the Sound Department!

    Snap On Rack Panels

    Nice ! I will be in touch!

    Best lightweight 2RU drawers

    Hello All, I am looking for the best lightweight Aluminum drawers. Does any one know the lightest weight ones available? Thanks, Gaylen Nebeker