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  1. Ive done podcast recordings, panels recordings, two shortfilms (TC with the new tentacle, synced with alexa mini). I like it for what it is, simple yet flexible somehow. Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  2. Mixpre-6 in a Portabrace "Zoom F4/F8" bag. Lectro SR, EK/SK2000. Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk
  3. Ok... Ive own a Femto, used it with G3, Wisycom and Micron, no issue what so ever. For extra inputs to my Maxx, on 5/6 so I get fast control over the gain. Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  4. Maxx with, 2x EK/SK 2000 1x G3 IFB Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  5. Ever consider Audioroot, Femto or uPre? Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  6. Dosnt need to be bi-directonal, it'll be one way only, and yes pin 2 to 5 and reverse. I never solder tune and ascii just for TC. Skickat från min SM-G930F via Tapatalk
  7. I know.. But i had them already, Ive learned. Recommend me some whips?
  8. Yeah, thats what im thinking. Dont own any diploes. Would love to try that.
  9. Okey... Did some basic walk tests today around my "studio". The area is quite open, and the range is similar the the original. Was hoping for more, oh well, but I'm not suprised. You need to boost that 30mW . One thing I did notice though, was that it was more stable sort of, didn't get that stuttering effect the G3's can have when dropping out, or when it has problems. But you can connect sharkfins nevertheless I'm gonna try it in a more crowded area as well.
  10. Audioroot, never had them before, but they seem to get great reviews.
  11. So... I did the mod also. Havn't tried it "in real life" sort to speak yet, did it today, and then I had some other meetings. Will try it on monday.
  12. Damn, I was hoping this would go further in size. As I'm around that size as well...
  13. Yepp. Should be all good. I have that from my TA5F out on my Maxx to a Sennheiser for IFB.
  14. Hawkwoods DVSQN4 is something you might want to look at. Running two "Sony" NPF batteries. Giving you almost 100wh.
  15. Yeah, would love to be able, to send from my Maxx to an (or sevral) ERX. Thats what is holding me back from getting the wireless addon.
  16. I have a unit with serial 10063, if I remember correctly. I found out about the problem here, dealer never notified me. Havnt sent it in yet, might do it now .
  17. Yeah, saw this the other day. Looks quite big on the pictures. Looks like an Portabrace AO1X, the "main compartment".
  18. Let me get this straight.. If you have an early production serial/number. The preamps/inputs are "locked" to cut off at 50hz? If you dont engage a higher HPF ofcourse. Thanks!
  19. Why? Well, if you want to mirror your recordings to BWAV directly, otherwise you have to use ZaxConvert to convert the MARF files to Wav later on. The ON option will convert your recordings during stop, and CONTINOUS will convert during record.
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