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  1. Hi. I have just read about the legal frequencies in usa where I'm going to shoot soon. I'm shooting in Manhattan and notice ch. 9-10-22 is good to go and ch. 38-42-49 with some limit. I have some radiomic in this area, but also have Audio Limit in (823 - 833 Mhz) that I would preferred to use. I guess it is not legal to use my Audio Limit even I would like to. Tips and comments are very welcome. Thanks
  2. Hi Am I the only one wondering why the balance output L/R on the Sounddevices mix pre 10 do not have line out (775mv) Connected to a pro camera you have to set the camera to mic input instead of line input. It would be nice to have this option on the mix pre 10 in the advance mode. Any one ? Will Sounddevices consider this in a firmware update ? Thanks Michael
  3. Hi Eric Thank you for answer. I just try both cable, (cl 100 unbalance and cl 500 balance) on a G3 112 system. I was hoping for a better signal with the balance cable but I could not tell the difference. I guess since the G3 is a unbalance system as you wrote this is why. If I unplug the cable from the reciever there was noise with the unbalance cable and no noise with the balance cable. But again, why should you unplug the cable and leave the track arm. Thanks Michael
  4. Hi I just found out that the cable for the G3- 112 , cl 100 is unbalance and that the cable cl 500 is balance but sold with the 500 system. I would like to know if it will give me any problem to use cl 500 cable in my G3 112 system? Normally i would believe that balance is better than unbalance, but there must be a reason why G3-112 is sold with a unbalance cable. I will use this to connect to my HD recorder 664 with balance input. Any comment would be nice, thanks. And yes I know that the G3- 112 is not world class radiomic, but with a DPA 4060 mic. it helps a lot. Thanks
  5. Hi What system do you use for wireless sound for the director. I am recording commercials with a small crew, but need to send the sound wireless to the director. I would normal use boom and one wireless mic on the actor. Would you send a mono signal or both boom and wireless mic ? I would like a small pocket system where it is possible to send a stereo signal. And a system that can run on batteries, instead of charging system. I would like to hear from yours experience. I am recording on a Sound devices 664. Thanks
  6. Hi I´ve been testing Np 1 Lithium Li-ion Ultimate NPLU-84. 14.8 V 84 Wh from Pink Noise. New battery and fully charge with my old IDX KL-4 charger. The test was Sound Devices 664 with 2 mic. phantom power ( Schoeps MK 41 and Sennheiser MKH 70). And power for two Audio Limit 2040. At 8.15 AM I arm four tracks and hit the recorder button . I was recording constantly and stop for lunch12.30 PM where I power down the lot. At 13.10 PM I power up everything and was recording again constantly. At 17:00 PM I have my first warning for low power. I keep on recording and at 18.20 the SD 664 stop. Warning low power not able to record. The SD 664 keep the files intact. Very nice. Note I was recording indoor, 20 Celsius ( 68 F ) I was recording 9 hours and 25 min with one NP1 , two phantom power mic ( 48 V ) and power for two Audio Limit 2040 receiver. I do find this very good, and looking forward to try them outside in the cold winter time here in Denmark. ms
  7. Hi julian would like to know where in Hamburg. Thanks Michael
  8. Yes thats my problem, so I would like to know if they are legal in any country.
  9. Hi New member from Denmark Where can I sell my Audio Limit 2020 ? Frequency have change and I am not allow to use my Audio Limit 2020 in Denmark. Where are these legal to use, and where can I sell this set. They are in absolute very good condition and frequency is 800.050 to 810.450. Please let me know if you know where to sell these. If some one here is interested you are welcome to contact me. Thank you Michael/Denmark
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