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    Audio Ltd 1010 Digital Systems

    Hi Rado, We believe so but we can't say when this would be expected to be available.
  2. NathanWBS

    Tactical gear/bags

    I will just leave this link here: http://www.portabrace.com/audio-tactical-vest-for-688.html
  3. NathanWBS

    Bumble Bee invisible lav

    Hi Christopher, Here is a link to a full list of resellers: http://www.bubblebeeindustries.com/buy/
  4. NathanWBS

    Tape/Scissors carrier...

    K-tek do something called a KGB case that may be of interest: http://ktekpro.com/kgb-gizmo-bag/
  5. NathanWBS

    Cos 11 repair

    Where are you based?
  6. NathanWBS

    Bumble Bee invisible lav

    Hi Simon, Check out this video, it may offer some answers.
  7. NathanWBS

    Bumble Bee invisible lav

    We just received stock of them here in the UK. Has anyone tried them yet?
  8. NathanWBS

    New from Schoeps/Ultrasone

    The UK list price is around £1459+VAT. Our supplier mentions that the previous versions are used on Formula 1 so I would imagine these would be for similar use/situation as Constantin points out. If you have a use for it and want it then why not.
  9. NathanWBS

    Source for folding / jointed sma whip antenna

    Hi Bassmagnetic, We sell the Lectrosonics variety: http://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/broadcast-audio-products/?ct=vpt&id=6
  10. NathanWBS

    Petrol Bags special

    Hi All, For a limited time only, while stock lasts we are selling the Petrol PS603 bag with a free Petrol PS606 rain poncho. The poncho if purchased seperate would normally be around £95+VAT. Please let me know if you need more info.
  11. We use the Belden 1804 mini starquad cable with the Rean Ta3 and Ta5 connectors. It's just a really nice cable to use and I personally enjoy working with it.
  12. Hi All, I came across some news today that Sachtler will be absorbing Petrol bags. Here is a link to the Sachtler range http://www.sachtler.com/products/bags/audio-equipment/sound-bags/ They seem to be just rebranded with very minor changes but I'm curious, what are your opinions on rebranding of products?
  13. NathanWBS

    Sachtler merging with Petrol

    As far as I'm aware, Orca is Petrol or at least they are the people who created Petrol at though have nothing to do with the Petrol brand now. I know Vitec own many brands and I know that they have absorbed the Kata brand in to Manfrotto. I do wonder if they will be merging more brands under their flag.
  14. NathanWBS

    Neoprene pouches for tx

    Hi Chris, Probably a bit late but we have Neopax available, http://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/broadcast-audio-products/?get=audio/spares-and-accessories&ct=sc&deptid=1&catid=15 Lots of chaps seem to like them, hope this helps for future reference.
  15. NathanWBS

    The Smyles Comm-biner Walkie Talkie audio interface

    Hi Mat, We have them here in stock. We cant open them up but your more than welcome to come and try one out!
  16. NathanWBS

    Need help: Lectro SMa battery problem

    Just out of curiosity have you used the Lectrosonics silver paste on the thread of the battery door? This can fix a certain battery issue and provide extended life out of some batteries with the SMB/SMDB series of transmitters.
  17. NathanWBS

    Lemo to Lemo timecode cable

  18. NathanWBS

    Lemo to Lemo timecode cable

    When you say fake, do you mean using actual fake Lemo branded connectors or just a cheaper clone of the overall cable?
  19. NathanWBS

    Lemo to Lemo timecode cable

    As far as I'm aware Ambient make all their own cables on site.
  20. NathanWBS

    Lemo to Lemo timecode cable

    Certainly is but with all other types of costs involved ie. tax, shipping, importation plus whether or not the supplier gets a bigger discount for buying in bulk sometimes prices can vary drastically. I'm guessing that it most likely is the very same cable that Ambient make, with Ambient being involved with Sound Devices timcode. I could be wrong though
  21. NathanWBS

    Lemo to Lemo timecode cable

    Ambient make one too which is Bi-directional called a TC IN/OUT and they do a cheaper version which is blue and straight called a TC I/O but is only Uni-diectional. http://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/shop.asp?ct=vpt&id=435 http://www.wendysbroadcast.co.uk/shop.asp?ct=vpt&id=432
  22. NathanWBS

    New Hawkwoods/Wendys Broadcast Power Distribution Rack

    Hi guys, Sorry for the delay, had to discuss it with Hawkwoods. We can supply a mains PSU which is 15V 10amps at £80+VAT extra with the PDR.
  23. Hi everyone, We have collaborated with Hawkwoods to produce The Power Distribution Rack aimed at primarily soundies. It has a 4 pin XLR input socket, four 4 pin XLR 12v outputs (with a combined rating of 5A), and six unregulated 4 pin XLR outputs. Two USB connectors are included for powering/charging compatible devices with a combined rating of 2A. The LED screen displays battery voltage remaining in red and total current being drawn in blue. Please see the pictures below and let us know what you think. Cheers, Nathan.
  24. NathanWBS

    New Hawkwoods/Wendys Broadcast Power Distribution Rack

    Hi Shug, It is possible but how many amps would you be looking to draw from the unit?
  25. NathanWBS

    New Hawkwoods/Wendys Broadcast Power Distribution Rack

    Hi BAB414, Having the power input on the front of the unit is the default configuration as seen in the above pictures. If you wish for the power input to be on the rear we would need to know when purchasing, this may incure a delay as the unit is made to order in this configuration. As a note all outputs are now individually fused on all units.