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  1. Yeah Im assuming this is based off an already discounted price for the Zaxcom. The list price of the A20 is pretty close to a UK listing of the Zaxcom(not sure if this is listed at list price or discounted on this side). That's all I can say for now.
  2. Can't 100% verify yet but looking at UK prices online for the Zaxcom ZMT4 I believe the A20 might be on par if not a little cheaper. One thing to note is that you won't need any other transmitters or receivers on different frequencies as the A20 covers all across the the A10 receiver.
  3. Yes, going forward I believe there will be a rebranding so all is under the same flag.
  4. It does but the US version has the feature disabled. It has 64gb built in recording memory. There is an 8 way charger for these new mini transmitters as well as USB C timecode cables available.
  5. NathanWBS


    The Smyles Comm-Biner is a fantastic option.
  6. Hi Larry, Quite possibly as chrismedr mentions a UK only item but after a quick search it appears that there are far fewer choices in general for the NP-50 batteries on the US Amazon. We find many couriers can get a little twitchy when you mention shipping batteries. Where possible we will ask our battery suppliers about drop shipping directly to our international customers as they are already set up to do so.
  7. For what it is worth, due to issues with shipping internationally we supply and recommend to our customers the Ex-Pro High Power Plus+ NP-50 lithium-ion batteries. They are readily available on Amazon for around £10 to £15 and so far have had no issues.
  8. Hi Jazzbo, Please see this link: https://www.apwpt.org/downloads/handoutfrequencies2019.pdf Block 25 is 640.000MHz - 665.500MHz Block 26 is 665.600MHz - 691.100MHz Hope it helps.
  9. The microdot itself can't be repaired but it can be replaced in most cases, we do this often. Most of our customers tend to end up getting the mics hardwired instead as it is cheaper to repair and in some cases more reliable than the microdot connector. I think the reason they have said no in this case is because of the design of the mic itself which is unfortunate. The price of the replacement microdot connector is around £20+VAT here in the UK.
  10. Here in the UK at least, it is a two year warranty on the DPA lavalier microphones. It's always worth contacting your local DPA dealer/distributor with the serial number of the microphone before throwing it away, they will be able to tell you if it is still covered or not. We get a few capsule issues here and there and usually it will be replaced so long as it is not obvious physical damage. Same with the microdot connectors. We will repair microdot connectors (that are not covered under warranty) in house for £20+VAT plus shipping but in most cases due to how fragile the microdot can be we find most of our customers are now getting the microphones hard-wired instead with a different choice of connector.
  11. URSA make a product called Mini Foamies which are designed for this in mind. They are available in black and white.
  12. Hi Mano, From what we know here at Wendy's it could be one of two things or both: It might depend on the age of your Sankens as the Sanken COS11D mics have better RF shielding than the older Sanken COS11 mics. You will need to check to see if you have the 'D' variant to verify. The shield which goes to pin one in the 3 pin Lemo has possibly not been grounded to the shell. It is not required but it does help a lot. We typically wire a Sanken COS11 by splitting the center shield in half and putting half with white to pin 1 and black to pin 3. The other half we make sure is in contact with the shell of the Lemo. Hope this helps. -Nathan
  13. Will the Scorpio or 833 work with the Sound Devices CL-12 Linear Fader Controller? Although the CL-12 was originally designed for 6-Series field mixers and features an old protocol that is incompatible with the Scorpio’s or 833's open MCU, we are pleased to announce that we have achieved cross-compatibility. The Scorpio will support the CL-12, in addition to third party MCU controllers, in a future firmware update. Follow us on our social accounts or register your product to be updated when this firmware is available. My setup requires more AES inputs than the 4 channels the Scorpio or 833 allows, how can I use more AES sources? An accessory that will allow for up to 8 additional channels of AES (4 AES pairs) is in development. Stay tuned for future updates. Will you make a dedicated control surface designed specifically for the new 833 and Scorpio? Yes. We are currently developing a bespoke control surface to interface with the 833 and Scorpio. Follow us on our social accounts or register your product to be updated when this control surface is available. You can visit the full FAQ pages at the following links: Scorpio https://www.sounddevices.com/scorpio-faq/ 833 https://www.sounddevices.com/833-faq/
  14. Those are the specs for a Sanken COS-11D with the P48 XLR barrel. Regards, Nathan.
  15. You haven't mentioned it and you may have already tried it but have you tried swapping over the base plate on the receiver?
  16. Hi Attila, With a DPA lavs it is screen to pin one and chassis then signal wire to pin three. This is the same for countryman lav mics too such as the B6. With a Sanken COS11 lavs it is white and screen to pin one and chassis then black to pin three. An MKE 2 would be blue and screen to pin one and chassis then red to pin three. I am not certain of Tram mics as it depends on the age as they can have different colors of wires. The newer versions have two black wires as well as the shield but one of the black wires is actually just a red wire with a little extra coating.
  17. The Lockit will start shipping in the Summer, no exact dates confirmed as of yet though.
  18. NathanWBS


    Here in the UK we are told around £7000/£8000+VAT (TBC) with a release window of June/July subject to change.
  19. NathanWBS


    Some better images if anyone is interested...
  20. The caps/grills for the DPA 6060/1 are available to purchase in packs of three for around £40+VAT. The product code is DUA9301-X. Swap the X with B for black and F for beige etc. Thanks, Nathan.
  21. I have spoken with Audio Ltd and can confirm that this is false, I think the author of the article may have got his wires crossed. Although owned by Sound Devices Audio Ltd will still operate as a seperate entity under their own brand for the forseable future. Never say never on joint future developments though.
  22. You would be perfectly fine with the small pouch. The only difference between the pouch sizes is that the large is pouch is deeper to accomodate taller transmitters. As Constantin mentions, if the transmitter feels loose OR if the person wearing the device will be doing someting quite physical such as jumping around then you may need to use the URSA Pouch Protectors which come as a pack of four.
  23. We have looked at the Viviana straps and compared them to the URSA straps. The material used in both is exactly the same and is also cut to the same thickness and width almost like they came out of the same factory. The only difference between the two is the that Viviana have the extra cable pocket and they are shaped differently at the ends. We only supply URSA straps.
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