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  1. Thanks. Yes, I wanted it to be very intimate and surreal, the space should feel almost real, but not like impulse real or real acoustic space recording... It was best achieved recording in a very dry (and silent) studio and adding special reverb/delays... Much thought went into that... I prepared different FX combinations for different flutes and styles of songs/planned improvisations and played through them in the headphones... so I could react to the effect like I would in real space... I "played" them... I recorded everything separately live... so the effects didn't come after i
  2. I am sure they are great mics from all I read, never tried them, but MKH40 is a bit different thing I guess...? Anyway, I like the tonality of it, the bass that is tight, but strong, the pleasant high-end, neutrality, but at the same time some depth... and also the promise that they work in humidity, etc., I will try to test M310 in the future... looks like it could be a great mic, too. Just bought the MKH40 in a good condition and including the MZS40 suspension... I was biased towards it since beginning, but searched for other options, too... BTW - I recorded a special mi
  3. I think I'll go with MKH40 after all... I had it here, recorded an album with two of them, I get inspired by the sound when I record something myself and that means a lot... Seeing that many use it for indoor dialogue gives me confidence, that for those few jobs I do for dialogue recording, it will be perfect... I am sure M310 is a fantastic mic, too, maybe I'll get it some day, too. Too bad there are so little shoot-outs and reviews around - it would be easier to judge... it is also not so easy to get it for testing here... I got lucky that one friend has M300 - which is also fantastic - bu
  4. Yes, I have M300 here right now, comparing it to MKH40 (which I adore), but have no idea how they compare to MKH50 and M310... the latter seems to be a completely different mic from M300, just looking at the specs - on paper M310 has less self noise, higher sensitivity - needs less gain I suppose, has less hyped high end and a steeper low-end roll-off that starts already at 200Hz? That scared me a bit for recording double bass and percussion... M300 is an interesting, but a bit hyped mic and when I compared it to MKH40 it is by far not equally suitable for being on a boom - it sounds coo
  5. Superb! How is the bass response - I see it rolls off pretty high up, completely fine for dialogue but I wonder how "thin" it becomes for music? Those who substituted MKH50 (which is hefty in the lows) with this mic maybe?
  6. Great to hear that, what makes M310 better than MKH50 for this in your opinion? Do you have any public work recorded with that mic that you can share? Thanks!
  7. I occasionally record sound for some short films, documentaries, once even a big budget TV series, but that is rare - and in that case - the production rented equipment for me... I am looking for a good(*great) SDC mic for my smaller projects and regular use, one that would be useful for dialogue AND my main thing - recording instruments, narration, etc. I am a big fan of Sennheiser MKH40 that I rent occasionally, I like the smoothness, the pitch black silent background - absence of any self-noise, the response and the overall tonality - it just works for me... Now, for interior dialogues two
  8. You can't... as far as I know. I use to forget that - a few times I planned to work with it when some overdubbing was required, but I had to bring a more cumbersome laptop + soundcard combination on location for that instead - those were some non-video, music only recording projects on location... Some live recordings on location where the musicians wanted to overdub some solos, vocal lines, etc. I still like the machine very much... just finished recording sound for one short film with it... it is a breeze and pleasure to work with and just today we also recorded one choir with it - v
  9. I would enjoy the Christmas directed by anyone from my personal holy trinity - Lynch, Jodorowsky or Herzog - the three wise men of moving pictures (to me)... but for a more widely enjoyable evening I think I would ask Wes Anderson to make a cosy weird and fun Christmas evening for us... Happy holidays, you all!
  10. The best article about this thing I found till now: http://www.tested.com/art/movies/452387-48-fps-and-beyond-how-high-frame-rates-affect-perception/ Until they finish their experiments and figure out how to have clarity and cool cinematic look I shall pass...
  11. I would have nothing against added clarity, but why does it have to have this strange lighting, not "magical" or say blurry like 24fps movies and not smooth and amazing as real life, but just weird and "TV drama like" and why do the people move strangly awkward and nervous - not continuous and smooth as in real life and not graceful and cool like in the 24fps cinema? It is just not right... I don't mind high resolution - but it should also look cool... My last few "annoyed consumer POW" cents...
  12. Jep, I must be one of those people that is VERY sensitive to that "soap opera effect". I can stomach all the "problems" of 3D or any other technical errors or poor choices of DPs, but this kills it for me. And since I obviously lived in a bubble and didn't previously research what HFR really means in praxis (I thought it would look something like "Samsara" or something - I just ignorantly equalled higher frame rate with more eye candy ) and didn't knew all the controversy about it, I was totally unprepared to be presented with THAT kind of picture... It was an honest shock... when I have to
  13. He maybe tried, but it still looks more like a "soap opera" as they mention in the article... Why is he pushing it at all... At least 3D has some eye candy to offer, some "woah" effect when some bee flies directly at you, etc. but this HFR thingie just looks sharp and lame - no commercial appeal in my opinion... it's not that we have to adapt to new way of looking at movies - it simply just doesn't look good... When I heard the first CDs they sounded good to me, not the very first "DDD" classical recordings that sounded somewhat sharp and thin, but I never had a problem with proper digital sou
  14. Ah, sorry, I just saw that is was already debated here and beaten to death with the first Hobbit movie that I luckily didn't see in that horrid format... late to the party I guess... I was just so shocked how bad it looked that I had to vent it somewhere...
  15. Well, I started appreciating and enjoying 3D with "Avatar", the first time 3D really looked good to me and it felt to my senses like being immersed in a dreamlike or trip-like state... which also suited the aesthetics of that movie. 3D can be kitchy and painfull to watch, but with current technology and for certain kinds of movies - like all those commercial fairy tale kind of flicks - it is appropriate and adds to the experience. But this HFR actually takes away from the experience, it takes away the magic and makes it hard to connect to the story and the staged parts (which are the m
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