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  1. Thanks for your reply John but I tried to set up the ERX for 2 hours, I'm pretty sure I have tried everything. At the end I looked at the zaxnet info and I discovered that there was no zaxnet version written on "about nomad " screen The problem seems to come from the nomad Zaxnet, that's what Zaxcom told as well . For the moment the only solution I have is to send the device back to Zaxcom and that would be very costly for me , that why I ask if someone as ever experienced the same issue and managed to resolved it
  2. Hi everybody, I'm experiencing a issue with my Nomad Zaxnet and I would be glad if someone had the same problem.... and resolved it I just bought some ERX TCD 3 and was happy to test them before the shooting of a short film next week I never managed to make the Erx receiving a signal from the Nomad zaxnet. After a few hours of testing I'm pretty sure that's not a configuration problem, here is my configuration Nomad 8 (zaxnet worked on this devices some month ago with the previous owner) V7.81BDsp: Baudio rev 15Main rev 57Zaxnet Ver : NOT
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