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  1. PhillipWestbrook Thank you for this awesome feedback, very faluable information here. I think when i was around 8 years ago, i bought a SM57 to record guitar sounds, i will use it to record car sounds. I think i can go to a dyno shop near my house and if i can record my car sound on a dyno. But i have few question though. Usually dyno tends to nake a very strange noise (for a reason that i ignore) so i was wondering if there was some "silent dyno" ? The second question is for the off sound. How do you record accell on sound and accell off sound out of a dyno ? I think you c
  2. I see, i didn't know that it was that undertaking to record engine sounds. Now, i understand that it is complicated and require a team with budget to do the job properly. That is the big problem with Indie projects that try to get bigger with almost zero budget.. The only solution we could try is probably to show the project on kickstarter or similar service and get some money to accomplish the job. Anyway, i will keep in touch with you guys, and if i can get a budget i will probably ask you more questions later. Thank you very much everyone for all your answers.
  3. Hi Jaymz Sorry if i was not clear. The best would be to find a partner that could do the job for us. Because even if i try my best, i have no experience and no equipment so i guess i will fail and waste my time. So i prefere to hire someone who can do the job for us. One thing to mention is that we do this for free at the moment, so we have absolutely no revenue and do it with our free time. So we have no way to pay a salary or anything. But later, if we release the game on the Apple store and sell it, we would of course share the revenue with our partner.
  4. Hi traut, that is very nice! Do you think the samples of the cars you recorded can be used for a game ? Anyway that is nice if you can help. May i ask what car you recorded so far ? And what technic did you use to record cars ? Thanks!
  5. dfisk, thank you for your answer, actually i saw some other post of you related to Engine Sound recording for games. Honestly, you look to be the perfect partner to work with, with the experience you have! Yes i am living in Tokyo at the moment, and probably going to stay for some times. So we would probably not be able to see each other physically but i am available via skype if you are ok. As i said, i have absolutely no knoweldge about sound recording, and i don't know how costly it is to record sounds like this. Anyway, i would really like to talk to you about the project more.
  6. Hi sinewave, thank you for your proposition but i am interested to work with sound generator. It feel so wrong, especially for car engines. Plus i prefere to collaborate with someone, because our project is getting bigger. But thanks anyway.
  7. Hi everyone, I am the developer of an indie Racing Game and i would be very happy to collaborate with someone that have skills or experience in recording sounds for games. Me and a friend started working on that project about 2 years ago and we do that on our free time. That is why the progress are kind of slow but we try our best to work on it little by little. Here is the link to our project : http://www.redline-e.com/ You can download the game for PC and MAC at the moment. But later we plan to make an Android and iOS version as well. I am a big car enthusiast myself,
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