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  1. Hey frido, Hey Vincent, many thanks for your both answers and sorry for responding so late. In addition to that, I got also in touch with a sound engineer in Rotterdam and made a location scouting one week ago with a scan. It seems ok but I'll be careful about the harbour's activity you're talking about Vincent. You're the second one to tell me about these unexpected HF activities, and I'll be exposed to that on some locations where we'll shoot. Heel bedankt and çok tesekkurler for your help gentlemen! Greetings from Brussels, Bruno
  2. Hi everyone! I'm going to shoot a features film in Rotterdam. I've seen this: https://www.apwpt.org/regional-info-k-u/netherlands/index.php Reading this, it seems to be quite open but anyone has experience to share in the country or the city? I had the info that using wireless systems between 530Mhz and 690Mhz will work without problems but I'm using wireless between 470,100 and 537,575 Mhz for to mike actors and between 823 and 863MHz for IFB. Has anyone experience of this operating frequencies? Many thanks by advance, Bruno
  3. Hi everybody, I will test my systems on NYC. I'm glad to know that block 20 is in second position in the top four of the available blocks in this city. Anyway, I'll probably rent in NYC other wireless system to avoid bad surprises and big problems. I'll also take my little spectrum analyser in my luggage to have a look in this high frequencies jungle. Thank you all a lot for your precious feedbacks. Greetings from Belgium, Bruno
  4. Hi everybody, I'm going to record sound for a documentary in New York City in october and would have information about available UHF frequencies. I have wireless system using the allowed frequencies in Belgium: a Lectrosonics Srb and SMDB in block 20 (512-537,5 MHz) for Lavalier mic and a Sennheiser G3 (823-865 MHz) for monitoring sound to the camera. I had the informations that the block 20 is not the worst in NYC but the best is the 26 and that also depend of the place in NYC (north, south etc.). I don't know yet precisely where I'm going to shoot. Has anybody experimented the using of these frequencies in NYC? Could anybody using available frequencies in NYC give me some tips? I'm alone to record and boom so I plan to use the antennas provided with the UHF systems. Using directionnals antennas could help but seems to me a bit difficult and not ergonomic to use in this case but if you have advices or tips to improve the reception, that is welcome. Thanks in advance for your help, Bruno S.
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