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  1. Happy New Year JWSoundGroup Guru's! So Its the beginning of the New Year 2018 and were all here working to accomplish the same thing! Capture Great Audio for a Grate Rate! I'm a New York City Resident and the competition is great and will always be great! but depending if your a freelancer, LLC, C-Corp etc. Rules and Regulations are subject to change with the IRS, Production, You name it. Production is always looking to under cut the sound mixer and to be honest we can't have that I believe the Sound Community needs to stand strong as one especially the professionals who live for this kind of work, You guys need to help navigate the waters. You guys are the reason why, I'm able to do what I do on set so Thank You! Anywho This Topic is about RATES! and I'm looking for the NEW STANDARD BALL PARK PRODUCTION SOUND MIXER RATE (Those of you's who were able to increase your rates last year, CONGRATULATIONS !!!)
  2. Thanks for the advice D. I'll see if I can get my hands on some Teators paint soon. Yhe expoy should be good, I just bought gallon of resin and hardener about three weeks ago but it was for my kitchen counter and island, which worked amazingly. I'll give it another go with some testor paint and more hardener!
  3. So I've decided to give it anther go to build a low profile XLR cable for my bag but before I went any further, I wanted to try out the epoxy process on a connector, which I attempt three times already. I did a 1:1 ratio and added a drop of acrylic blue paint but so far nothing good. it's been sticky/tacky for 3 days now and I'm in a warm environment which is recommended for the healing process. Any recommendations on what I'm doing wrong?
  4. Thanks Rick, got it open and rewired correctly!
  5. So earlier on set today my Tram TR-50 BPS got yanked and broke at the base of the power supply. I was wounding if anyone knows how to disassemble the power supply so I can get access to the XLR circuit board without damaging anything?
  6. As for playback markers in pro-tools, do you think |1-bar| before the chorus is fine for playback point?
  7. Hey! Thank you Wandering Ear your solution it solved my small problem.. Two Thumbs up for you for making this thread stronger buddy! Also, I got the TS-C to read my Timecode stamp out of pro tools via R1a hop to TS-C for continuous TC read out..
  8. Hey guys! I found something that might be helpful regarding Timecode stamping for this topic. its a website called: http://pehrhovey.net/blog/2013/07/el-tee-see-make-smpte-timecode-wav-file/ they offer a free service where you can download a Generated TimeCode.Wav file, so you can drop into your pro tools session for playback.. You can set: FPS, Frames, Bit, Start time, and Duration to be generated.
  9. Hey Vale, Fantastic Job! What size thickness is the allunimun panels? and where did you buy them from?
  10. Hey Flip, You made a really cool cart, I really like it.. You got a diagram and part numbers? By the way, the music on the video sound like a 70s Porno lmaO
  11. Kinda of curious, I have here a dead Switronix NP-L60 li-ion, no juice! I was wondering because I was unable to find any links pertaining to replacing the cells on this unit or what type of battery's.. Anyone every here replaced the cells on the NP-L60?
  12. Nice Cart Clark.. She's a beauty
  13. Boom Ninjas!! Soo hilarious! Great Training Video
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