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  1. I'd definitely do that if I was based in the U.S. Tim. And I might do it in any case. Thanks Simon.
  2. Hi PMC, Thanks for your reply. Yes that's the one I mean. It doesn't pop out any more, so It's stuck in the middle L+R position, which isn't ideal. I haven't heard of Tuner Cleaner, but it interests me strangely. Possibly it's similar to that isopropyl alcohol spray that engineers use to de-carbonise faders etc? I did, as you suggest, try sneaking up on it and scaring it. I also tried intimidation and flattery, but the results were uniformly disappointing. Luckily it's rare that I need 6 channels at once. All the best, Simon.
  3. Hi Folks, DISASTER! I believe I have a grain of sand in a pan pot on my 664, preventing me turning it in either direction. I've tried wiggling it, talking sternly to it. Inserting a pin whilst holding it upside down. Vacuum cleaning it. Has anyone overcome this issue successfully and would like to share? Thanks in advance, Simon.
  4. It's this kind of mount. Says it's compatible with the mic. S
  5. Hi Folks, Unusually for me, a location recordist, I've been booming by hand in a studio a bit lately and I'm wondering about swapping the rycote zeppelin I normally use, with the foam windshield that came with my MKH414 when I bought it but still use the suspension mount from the zeppelin. It seems like you'd need to squash the foam or modify it to get it into the cradle though. I don't anticipate needing this capability a lot going forward, so probably wouldn't buy a whole different mount that accommodates the foam thingy, but I'd be willing to modify it to suit if there's a way that folks have found successful? All the best Simon.
  6. Plus one on this hack. My Swit Np1 rose from the dead today. Thanks all. Sf.
  7. Hi Mr Paterson. Yes, I tried it on both modes. And with the pilot tone on and off. Thanks for your suggestion, but I think there's a fault in the unit.
  8. Thanks for your replies folks. The headphones are fine (checked) balance is centre and the one legged output from the i.e.m. is the same on other pairs of cans. The transmitter is fine too as all of my g3 and g4 t.x.s produce the same result. The pilot tone on the tx makes no difference on or off, but the i.e.m receiver cuts audio with the pilot tone active (one legged when inactive) I'm starting to think there's a fault on the i.e.m. receiver. All the best, Simon.
  9. Hi All, I've tuned a G3 iem beltpack receiver to one of my G3 radio mic transmitters and it works fine but only arrives in the right ear of any headphones plugged into the receiver's headphone output. The same result is obtained in 'focus' mode and 'stereo' mode on the receiver. Balance is set to l=r and the monitor level is lower if panned fully left or right. Switching on pilot tone on the receiver stops it outputting any sound and switching off the pilot tone on the transmitter has no effect. I've read the manual, but no luck there. It's a stereo receiver seemingly, and so intended for use with a stereo transmitter, but I've seen lots of location soundies using these with their portable kit so presumably there's a way? Thanks in advance. Simon. m
  10. Hi all, I've got a job coming up in which the client wants high quality recordings of the various noises made by a large commercial vehicle. Does anyone have any suggestions for mics I could hire for this? I suspect just using my 416 would be a bit disappointing. Thanks in advance Simon
  11. I need to buy an I.e.m. and since many people use the G3 sennheizer system I think I'll go with that one, although I notice that the radio mic kit is significantly cheaper than the i.e.m kit whilst seemingly only lacking a twist volume control. It seems to me to make sense to buy the radio mic kit and use the front panel buttons as the volume control thereby giving myself the option of a spare mic for emergencies and a spare £100 too. Have I missed something? All the best Simon Forbes
  12. Hi Everyone I'm doing a shoot in New York in July. Can anyone tell me which frequencies I can legally use and whether I'll need to obtain a licence? Thanks very much. Simon
  13. I'm considering getting a pair of Audio wireless radio mics as I seem to be getting a fair bit of international work at the moment and they have a broad tuning spectrum. Has anyone used these mics? I'd be grateful for a users experience as they're relatively new and (even in the u.k.) un-established. In fact I cant even find any online reviews. Thanks Simon
  14. Thanks to all who responded to my post especially Matt and Bralleput who told me what I needed to know. Simon Uk
  15. Hi all, I'm the new owner of the 664 after twelve years using an SQN4S and everything seems better on the new mixer but am having difficulty: adjusting to using VU instead of PPM. It feels as though when recording any voice with a bit of dynamic range, then to keep the limiters from being on all the time, my average vu level is rather low. Not much above zero in fact, but my hazy recollection of sound theory tells me that the 1ppm is 4db so surely 8VU is the limit? Or have I got that wrong? And if so, why do the limiters cut in so much higher than that, at 18db? In short, I suppose my question is: for a good level, should I be keeping my VU levels in the orange part of the meter and let the limiters handle the peaks? Any advice gratefully received. All the best Simon Forbes England
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