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  1. Yes, the RED “cameras” are kinda tough to classify. It definitely needs some clarity there. When we ask production what camera (s) are being used and they tell us a RED Weapon then we have to translate that to its mating body. So do you search “red weapon” or do you search “red DSMC2”? Gotta be prepared for both. Maybe the “red weapon” listing just points to the “dsmc2” listing, of which both currently exist.
  2. Regarding the FS7, we do have it in the notes that it requires the expansion module. I think that’s a good place for those sort of tidbits. Do you agree? http://timecode.vandelaysoundexports.com/home/?cam=SONY+FS7&submit= And yes, good catch on the AF100. It’s designed so that you can “Submit an Edit” if you catch an error or want to add a new note or something. I think it would also be a welcomed addition in the Notes section about jam sync vs continuous jamming. EDIT: I see you already submitted an update. It will go through our verification process to ensure accuracy and be published. Thx! Thanks for the feedback!
  3. I am. I took a couple years away from it and actually just a couple months ago brought it back into the app stores. I’ll be working on some updates this year to catch up with some of the new OS out there. If you’ve previously purchased it and need it on a new device, it should be available for download in your local app store. Oh yeah, that’s definitely a struggle for all sometimes. It wouldn’t hurt to add the a field just for that. But I hear that Matt Price’s app, SoundRolling, has a menu simulator, or something to that effect. I haven’t used it myself but it’s a great resource as well. Good tips! Haven’t thought about a dedicated section for camera mic stuff, but it’s a good point. I think the notes section is good for the expansion modules like you mention. You’ll see that in Sony FS7 and many RED cameras, for example. We hesitate to add fields upon fields bc we want to keep it as simple and useful as possible. Sometimes those modules clutter it up, but if it’s needed then it makes sense, of course. Notes. Thanks! Honestly I had no idea myself that there are different sizes of 5-pin lemo. I don’t make cables myself, so I’ve never had to dive deep into the parts world, but I’ve also never encountered an alternate size of 5-pin Lemo I don’t think. Sounds like something RED would do though 🤣
  4. We’ve thought about adding pinouts, but have never needed to reference it ourselves yet. It does seem like a good feature though so we’ll probably add that. In general, do you guys prefer diagrams or text pinouts? We’ll support both, but curious what is most utilized and available.
  5. We just opened our internal database to the public...C.A.T.I. - the Camera Audio and Timecode Input database. The goal is to be able to crowdsource new cameras that we may not all come across very often, or discover a camera's idiosyncrasies together. Feel free to use for your own personal use and contribute as much or little as you want. We tried to make it extremely easy to use, but feel free to post any suggestions.
  6. Still works in the blog, but I guess JW doesn't host for forever :-( I've re-attached it below. Happy scanning! Freq Sheet.pdf
  7. In addition to the Android version being released earlier this week, there is now a major update in the iOS version as well. Some of the additions are listed here. If y'all ever have any questions about anything, feel free to ask away! Other requests, additions and feedback are always welcome. + Added widget support (pull down from top) for quick access to log and view your times from anywhere on your device + 3D Touch integration + Added ability to create and assign your times to a project. Makes it easy to double dip! + Option to use your show logo (or your own) when sharing or printing a PDF + Shortcut to log lunch start as current time + Added multiple fields to your user name (SSN, EIN, Loan Out, etc.)
  8. I'm happy to say that we finally have released the Android version of TV Timecard. Sorry for the delay, but it's finally here and it's in tip top shape. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to reach out to me anytime. Google Play store link here. Reviews are always appreciated. We have a couple ideas still to come for both platforms, but this was at the top of our priority list. Thanks y'all!
  9. Just wanted to invite any mixers or others interested in sound in the Texas, Oklahoma or West Louisiana areas out to our 3rd Annual Lone Star Mixer Mixer this weekend in Dallas. We at Vandelay Sound Exports are hosting it at a local brewery, Texas Ale Project, and our friends at Gotham Sound are sponsoring it. We have lots of great giveaways and demo gear. Reps from Orca, Zaxcom, Lectrosonics and Sound Devices will be in attendance to show you the ins and outs of their products. If you're available, you don't really have an excuse to not come hang out with your compadres. What: Social event for sound mixers and others interested in sound for television and film When: Sunday, January 17th @ 4pm Where: Texas Ale Project, 1001 N Riverfront Blvd, Dallas, TX 75207 Entry Fee: FREE! However, we are asking for nonperishable food items to donate to the Tarrant County College Northeast Campus Food Bank. Every person that brings a donation will receive an extra raffle ticket. More info on Facebook
  10. Hey Mat(t)s! Any update on this thingamajig?
  11. Thanks for the information, gentlemen. It is extremely helpful. I think this info mostly answers my question, as it was more about importing legal equipment into the country rather than using it. It sounds like it's not really much of an issue regardless of block.
  12. Does Italy have a "legal" range of operating frequencies for mobile wireless users like us? I can't seem to find anything outside of some user experiences and the Radio Astronomy range.
  13. I could, but then I'd have to kill you :-) Probably all I can say is it shoots around water.
  14. I also have some international stuff coming up and wanted to see if anyone here could help with a few of the countries below. My main concern is being able to bring this wireless gear into these countries legally. I'd hate to bring it knowing it will probably work in our remote locations, only for it to be turned away because of local regulations I'm unfamiliar with. Several of the other places are already listed. Thanks for the hard work, Olle (and friends)! Iceland Italy Croatia Malta New Guinea Honduras British Virgin Islands Vietnam
  15. http://gothamfaxes.com/
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