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    I've graduated from film school in 2010 and been working on set as a boom operator as well as grip work and PA, anything I can do to work on set. I've been saving up and finally made up my mind to buy my sound equipment. So I'm here to get some interesting sound information and help!
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  1. Hello all, I am gathering my sound gear together so I can become a sound man for film and tv. I've been boom operating for the past year and am trying to get gigs in shorts and small film projects. I plan to work alone as a sound mixer and boom operator and am very curious on getting K-tek articulated boom pole (http://www.ktekbooms.com/audio/boom-poles/klassic-articulated-poles/). My question is has anyone tried it or owns it and have any feed back on how well it preforms or likes and dislikes about the pole. This is going to be my first boom pole and I don't mind spending the a lot now if I plan on using it for the rest of my career. Thanks
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