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    In the local 484 based in Austin, Texas. I got into Sound Mixing in 2014 and I currently work in mostly doc and reality.
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  1. I’m on a show that’s using 822’s w/ digital hybrid TXs. I’ve also used them with DBUs. Sounds great and seem to be more robust than my SRCs when in a heavy RF environments. I feel like my SRCs take RF hits way too much. The 822s also sound more pleasant if they do drop. They’re super easy to program groups in and it’s a great way to upgrade without having to do a big overhaul.
  2. Thanks for all the input! I think because of the mic proximity artifacts started popping up pretty quick so there wasn't much I could do. They are rerecording! I've even offered to just do it but we'll see. Hopefully they won't botch this one too. Happy to know there are so many options out there. Going to practice tweaking on a couple random sound bites.
  3. It's pretty immediate. You point the laser in the tree and they all flock away. They said that the green laser pointer actually helped keep them out of downtown permanently. I think it helps shape boundaries. In Austin we have this bird that kinda of looks like a crow but smaller called a Grackle. At sundown they all flock to the trees of large parking lots. I've seen the fake bird scarecrow thing and heard the birdcall but those birds really don't care. The only thing I've seen work is the green laser pointer. I don't have one but it's been on my mind. I often resort to the apple box method which isn't as effective.
  4. I use to work in downtown Austin. The city paid 2 people to walk around with 2 x 4's slapping them together and pointing green laser pointers at the birds steering them away from trees. Use two pancakes or apple boxes.
  5. Recently I was working on a little commercial video and one of the wild lines was recorded too far away from the subject. The reflections/reverb in the room are pretty bad and hard to match with everything else. I tried to use rx4s dereverb but I haven't gotten any results I really like. What makes it worse is they rerecorded the line but sent back something pretty similar and unusable. Just wondering if any one has used Zynaptic Unveil and if anyone preferred one or the other.
  6. Hey guys, I'm getting into field recording as a hobby and am trying to wrap my brain around ms recording. I'm using an Audio Technica at815st boom and SD 633. Basically I wanted to know if you change the 633 input to ms stereo and it automatically switches the polarity of the side input I would keep both inputs stereo and not pan the side input left right? I am use to recording for ENG and panning the lavs/boom and have confused myself a little bit.
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