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  1. rkuhfeld


    Hah I’m reading it as 4 tumbleweeds in 1
  2. rkuhfeld


    Wishful thinking but I'm really hoping this is a 4ch SR receiver....
  3. Appreciate all the response. I sent names over to him for New York. Just need someone for Boston now. Thanks again!
  4. Producer needs a local mixer with their own gear for the following dates. Tuesday 5/12 Boston Friday 5/15 New York PM me with the day you can work and your contact info to pass along. Thanks guys!
  5. ***Thanks everyone who replied. Coordinator friend is looking for a local Vegas mixer with gear for a two day shoot in March. Dates TBD but somewhere in between March 22-26 -They're looking for a basic kit (mixer, 2 wireless, boom) -They're also looking for camera as well if you happen to have someone you'd like to work with. PM if interested. Thanks, Ryan
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