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  1. Appreciate all the response. I sent names over to him for New York. Just need someone for Boston now. Thanks again!
  2. Producer needs a local mixer with their own gear for the following dates. Tuesday 5/12 Boston Friday 5/15 New York PM me with the day you can work and your contact info to pass along. Thanks guys!
  3. I'm available and can work local in Gainesville.
  4. ***Thanks everyone who replied. Coordinator friend is looking for a local Vegas mixer with gear for a two day shoot in March. Dates TBD but somewhere in between March 22-26 -They're looking for a basic kit (mixer, 2 wireless, boom) -They're also looking for camera as well if you happen to have someone you'd like to work with. PM if interested. Thanks, Ryan
  5. rkuhfeld

    Opening in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    This is great news!