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  1. I want to use 4 Wisycom MCR42 s with AES on Deva Recorder. Everything works fine. Only the EQ works for Ch 1,2,3 and 4. For Ch 5-8 its not possible to activate the eq. I see the eq at the display. But on Ch 5-8 there is no difference to bypass. any ideas? When I use all analog Inputs all Ch works fine with EQ.
  2. I know it's an older question. Because there is no answer here, I wanted to give an answer. Yes, it is possible. I have such a mod in the pico mixer ad245. To see on my posted pics.
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  4. Its save for stand and for little movements. For longer distances, I put the cart on the rear axle. (Such as a hand truck). Stairs are not a problem. The Shelf for the Deva is while longer movements fixed horizontally, then it is held by a wire cable too.
  5. The Deva is fixed with 2 aluminium sheets and two screws. One for left, one for rigt side, easy to unlock - see pic 3. The ajustable shelf is fixed by 2 Clamb Screw. You need a half turn with them, to adjust and lock. The wire ist only for safty reason.
  6. This is my self built sound cart, made of alluminium profiles. 19-inch inner wide. weighs without Pelicase Accu prx 25KG.
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