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  1. Hello, I was wondering if any post audio pros could answer this. We re-edited a finished film from years back. For the re-edit we used the 5.1 stems: The 5.1 dialogue tracks The 5.1 background tracks The 5.1 FX tracks The 5.1 Music tracks So all 24 tracks were carried throughout the edit. Now my question is what is the procedure to create new master Stereo and 5.1 files? For the Stereo file is it as simple as Pan all L and Ls channels to the left Pan all R and Rs channels to the right Leave C channels as is and discard LFE then export? For 5.1 would you just mute all tracks except the Center channel for each stem, and export, then repeat that for L,R,Ls,Rs, LFE?
  2. Joe Riggs

    Timecode slate

    Does one need a timecode slate in order to sync footage or can one just have a lock it box to feed timecode to camera? For example if you're using a lock it box can one use a dumb slate and still sync via timecode?
  3. Joe Riggs

    Wave Agent

    What are some other poly merger applications?
  4. Joe Riggs

    Wave Agent

    I'm trying to add 1 mono file to a 8 track poly file, when I bring them into wave agent and press combine it says the process is complete but nothing happens. Can someone let me know the proper procedure to accomplish this? I should add this lone mono file is from a separate recorder, that's started a little later than the first recorder, so is it even possible to combine it in Wave Agent? Do I have to take it into a NLE or DAW, sync them, then export a 9 track poly? Thanks
  5. Joe Riggs

    Tascam DR-70D

    Can this device record and deliver Polyphonic Wav files?
  6. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    Thanks everyone, we got it to work! We're just offloading to a FW400 drive, the offloading from the internal HD to the external is still kind of slow but I'll take that over a DVD. The mixer was very grateful, he thought his FW port was NG and so he had not used it since 2009. If it wasn't for my persistence and the help of this forum, he would have been turning DVDs for the rest of his career.
  7. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    Thanks a lot Mirror for the step by step. We don't have a CF card, but we tried connecting an external drive to the firewire port. On the Ceva screen it says Internal HD "Ready" Mirror Drive "Mounting Drive..." and just stays there.
  8. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    Thanks Phillip, we're going to try a few different things, will report back the results on Monday.
  9. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    I appreciate the insight offered but I've never touched a sound recorder before, let alone one as old as this one, so I'm trying to get specific instructions (e.g Step 1,2 and 3) especially if it's something like installing a FW400 card reader, where one would have to open up the recorder.
  10. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    I didn't do the hiring, just trying to find a solution to the hand I've been dealt. I'm shocked that this has not been an issue for this mixer before, I mean a DVD, what is this 2005?
  11. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    So with a Firewire CF reader he could record to CF cards (assuming the firewire port is good)?
  12. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    OK, so the mixer actually thinks his USB works but he says that the USB on his recorder might be only for plugging in external audio devices like a keyboard, can anyone confirm if the USB on the DEVA V can be used for transferring the files to a USB drive?
  13. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    So is the process: 1. Select mirror mode 2. Select the folder you will record to at the beginning of the day, for example tomorrow 171606. 3. Select the drive you want to mirror that folder to. Now, anything you record throughout the day will also record to the DVD as you go? dfisk, maybe you could confirm the steps to execute this process? Thank you.
  14. Joe Riggs

    Zaxcom Deva V or 5

    Does Mirror Drive or Mirror Mode = "burn as you go"? The process from the manual (how to burn as you go) is not really clear to me.