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  1. I recently purchased a Schoeps CMIT5U microphone. I've used it 3 different days and I'm noticing that when powering on the channel (of my SD 633) that the CMIT5U is plugged into, the mic makes a buffer/glitch noise that I hear. Sometimes it's more of a click sound, it varies. The mic seems to perform fine beyond this anomaly. Just wondering if this is common for this particular mic? I've had no problems with my CMC641 / MKH416 / MC930. Thanks-
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I haven't had the time to test any of these solutions out, but if any of them work I'll be sure to let you all know.
  3. Has anyone had any problems with clothing fabrics staining DPA lav mics? I have a white DPA 4061. I've had this particular mic for about 6 months and I never had any problems. I'm currently on a doc shoot and the interview subject was wearing a dark, rayon type shirt. When I took the lav off I noticed a purple stain on a small section of the cable. We were indoors the whole time and I'd say the lav was only on for about 1-2 hours. Has anyone had this problem with white lavs and if so, have you had any luck cleaning them? It's not so much about aesthetic, I just want to avoid it happening again if possible. Picture attached:
  4. Thanks for your help (everyone). I think I'm going to go with the 4060 set and buy a single 4061 sometime down the line.
  5. Hello, I have done my fair bit of research on the web and within this forum concerning the DPA 406X series, but I haven't found a general answer to my specific question. Is the microdot connector really as faulty as people are saying? Is it better to just get it terminated to TA-5F for use with my Lectro wireless system? If I didn't hear the horror stories about the microdot I would be more inclined to get it because they offer both the 4060 and 4061 in a stereo set. The set also includes 2 microdot - XLR belt clip adapters; and I try to use a wire when possible so this would be very convenient. If I get the mics terminated to TA-5F I would need either the Lectro or Remote Audio TA-XLRF adapter. Is anyone using these adapters? I noticed the Lectro to be 3x the price. I'm afraid this would make my setup too bulky. I suppose by not getting the stereo set I could then get one 4060 and one 4061, but that would keep me from using the mics for stereo ambiences and SFX and limit me to film+ENG dialog. I'm at a loss of what to do and any further information on the microdot connector or TA-5F-XLRF adapters would be great. Thanks,
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