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  1. Thank you for the information Larry. George
  2. Hi Larry. I also own an UH200 which I currently use with hand-held dynamic microphone. I know this transmitter provide 5V power for lavalier microphones. Could you kindly tell me how should I wire the Sanken cos-11d microphone to match UH200? Thank you. George
  3. Thank you Chris, in fact I read the forum and wrote email to kallefolke21, but haven't got a response. I will try to contact Ikonoskop directly. George thank you
  4. Hi, I have take part in a project in Malaysia next month. The producer plans to shoot with two Ikonoskop A-cams. They got the audio cable Lemo 5 to 2 XLR (never use so donno does it work.) also I am thinking of making a Lemo 5 to TRS cable to make the cable less weight. So I am looking for pin map details of lemo 5 connector on Ikonoskop A-cam DII. Check the cam spec on the raw camera website but can't find it. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. George
  5. Block 23 to 26 is clear. 19 to 22 are use by digital TV, 27 to 29 are covered by 4G LTE mobile. 從我的 用 iPhone 發送
  6. The seller is rated top seller with 100% positive feedback. Well, maybe I should take my own chances, Thanks for advise.
  7. Hi all, I am currently looking to buy a used KMR81i and found this one on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/282009930309?_trksid=p2057872.m2748.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT I made an offer for $900 ( the seller asking $975) and it was accept immediately. Questioning the seller for SN, purchased date and distributor. The seller answers: "we're a resale shop. There is no invoice or receipt." He claims the SN of microphone is 13966. Any ideas?
  8. Mine BDS had similar bad connection problem. try clean the dc-plug 4-pin HRS with thin q-tip and 70% alcohol. look carefully inside the small hole on plug to see if there is dust or something block the connector.
  9. Hi Andrew, Much appreciation for the detailed pinout and Lemo connector part number on Alexa Mini. Very useful for finding out matched Lemo plugs. According to the pdf, the Lemo plug for audio input should be 00 series, which is the same size as 4pin sync/TC input on rear side of Red epic/dragon/scarllet. I got a straight plugs from a local dealer in Taiwan, part number FGG.00.305.CLAD35Z w/ cable relief. I will arrange a test with the camera in next week to see if this plug fits. Unfortunately, it seems that there is no right angle ( FPG ) plugs for 5pin inserts in 00 series. Only straight plug fits the small size connector. Maybe a CLAD35 without cable relief will be better for mounting IFB RX on the camera. Thanks for the pdf again. Hi Karl, no problem, any information is welcome when the situation is unknown. Thank you too.
  10. Does anyone know the part number of 5 pin Lemo connector for Alexa mini's audio input? Can't find it anywhere even in Arri's website, neither the pin-out map. my friend in camera dept. told me that 5pin plug for audio is different to TC plug on the Alexa mini.
  11. Which serial port on the QRXw/QIFB does the dongle plug into? Out or In?
  12. I cut two USB cable too and it just works fine. 從我的 用 iPhone 發送
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