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  1. Hey Bernie. The MixAssist is what I'm using on the Sound Devices MixPre3 mixer. It's like Duggan's Automix. When using multiple mics, it attenuates the mics not being used. Yes, the wider pattern of the MK4 captures slightly more environmental noise than the MK41 in my small studio here in NYC. (I tape actors' auditions for Films & TV) I've been using the MK41 capsule on the actors; and as the reader I use a DPA 4060 at a lower volume. I've been using these with Sound Devices' MixAssist activated (since it was first released.) It all works perfectly.
  2. Wow. Thanks, Trey! Beautiful and natural. It sounded great. I just bought an MK4 (using with a CMC 1 + Cut 1) and have done a bunch of dialogue tests in my small home studio + a few film audition sessions with it. Here's my assessment, based only on my personal needs. When I was testing it solo, it sounds absolutely AMAZING. But... the improvement of sound (over my MK41, in my opinion) isn't worth the additional noise floor when using MixAssist with my 4060 lav that has to be lower than the actors' Schoeps mic. I was aware of the different polar patterns be
  3. Oh for sure it did. I'm considering the MK4 for the same reasons. I mostly tape actors' auditions for film and tv they're often moving around bit and I thought the MK4's slighter wider pattern may be a good option for me. Your footage really helped me. It sounds fantastic. So, thanks again.
  4. That would be amazing, Trey. If you could hold it or boom from above about 12"-14", that would mimic how I typically place my mic for stationary booming on a C-stand (for actors' film auditions + interviews, etc.) I use a CMC1 with a Cut-1 and an MK41 and LOVE this set-up. But I've still very curious about the MK4, which I haven't tried (obviously). 🙂
  5. Does anyone have any dialogue audio samples that I can hear... of a Schoeps CMC1 or CMC6 with an MK4 (not a 41)? (Preferably at 12"-14" from subject) If you do have anything to share, do you remember if you were using a Cut-1 or Cut-60 or using a low cut on the mixer? Thanks, in advance. Much appreciated. Paul
  6. Dan, so those Anker candy bars have the power specs the Mix Pre series need???
  7. I tried a few different ways, but thus far this seems to be the most stable and efficient - when the camera's locked down on a tripod. I'm using a Small Rig cheese plate mounted to the cold shoe on the camera + adhesive Velcro to attach the Anker battery. If I could find a more compact version with the same power, that would be better obviously.
  8. No. They're not too different, in my opinion. I think they'll mix well together in post. I'll try to describe what I heard in my own tests here in my studio. I LOVED the CMC6+MK41. I had ZERO problems. ZERO complaints. So when the CMC1 was released, I was simply curious if there was ANY difference in the sound, despite Schoeps' claim that they were the "same audio quality". The plan was to return it if it sounded AS GOOD or WORSE than the CMC6. Well....the CMC1 was so clear and crisp...and also the S's sounded cleaner and the K's sounded cleaner. It's as if the voice is eve
  9. Yeah, I bought the B5D and returned it. It cut too much of the HF for my taste.
  10. Here's one of the tests that I've been doing with it. Movo TEST | Indoors | On and Off | Schoeps CMC1/41 + Cut-1 I typically use this mic naked, as the included foam and also the BBG both affect the HF too much for my taste. In that test, I was shocked how transparent the Movo was.
  11. It does look like it. But I've never tried a Super Softie, so I can't speak to that comparison, personally. All I know is that this little thing is a beast and it's way more transparent than the BBG, which was very surprising to me. It's actually hard to tell when it's on and when it's off. For $20, everyone should have one, even as a back-up for the SuperSoftie, no? (I do not own or have any part of that company. 🙂 )
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