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  1. Going to stick with my Portabrace MX-302 for now, which used to contain my Sound Devices 302. It's a tight fit but works. Hoping I can go a whole day on 8xAAs, otherwise the battery swapout will be a bit tedious. How are you powering your F8 greyfoxx? External power sounds like an expensive shopping list.. Cheers.
  2. FYI just heard from Zoom: "I would say that compartment is mainly use to access the bnc conectors, the 10pin capsule input. and the DC power input."
  3. Hello all! So, the Zoom PCF-8 bag for the Zoom F8 recorder.. Looks ok. I'm probably going to be using AA's as a power source so I'd like to be able to swap them out quickly and easily. However, if you look at the underneath of the PCF-8, it has a strip of black material preventing you from accessing the battery door and removing the sled. Weird. What's the point of that? See attached. Happy enough to delete it with a stanley knife I guess, but I prefer to start hacking / modifying my gear when it's a few years old, not when I've just bought it :o) If I'm missing something simple, do share. Cheers, Stuart.
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