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  1. Use MTP40s and MPR52 All the time. Great cam hop rig. I would suggest getting the ADTMPR for the 52 as it is a little power hungry. 3-4 hours on NiMh. Enjoy
  2. Its not always about RF power when talking about range. What helps allot with range is pre emphasis and companding settings. System designers tune these parameters to maximize signal to noise in the fm modulation and airwaves domain. This improves range and give us advertising number of 500f of range. With something like this id be interested to see how it holds up to say a cooking show, with hard transients, fat sizzling, pots and pans chiming and wide dynamics. Its one thing to have a pre emphasis and companding system and setting to maximise range but its another to have a setting to handle transient noise like cooking shows. For me being able to switch is key. Wisycom's ENR and ENC settings are ideal for lot of real world jobs.
  3. Interesting. That's for the info
  4. copied from the MCR42 user manual. ENR-1.2*/ENC-1.2*: to use MCR42 with some type of camera (ex. Canon® C300, Canon® XF305, Sony® Pmw200, Sony® Pmw300, Sony® PmwF5, Sony® Fs7, Nikon® D600 or Nikon® D800, Canon® SD mark3...) which accept a signal with reduced dynamic. This type of expansion doesn't add artifacts to the signal and allows to have a less noisy signal. It allows to improve the quality of the audio registration (compared to the ENR/ENC standard) increasing the S/N ratio up to 15dB. To use these expanders, it’s necessary to set ENR on the transmitter and ENR 1.2 on the receiver or set ENC on the transmitter and ENC 1.2 on the receiver. ENR-1.2 it’s used for the optimization of noise, ENC- 1.2 it’s used to optimize the voice. I believe this 1.2 type commander setting will address "low" camera levels. Note v3.3 FW is needed to unlock these features.
  5. Yes I have this issue too. i believe there is a new Compander setting witch dresses it.
  6. I wonder whats Next? I think we can expect a 633 v2 with a 4ch superslot rig. Or maybe a hardware update on our current 633's to allow connection of the new superslot box. Anyone else thinking the same thing?
  7. My guess is the cameras was bleeing rf noise. Most likely from the hdsdi bnc or a poor quality cable used. The cyclists caused reflections phase canceling and or summing with the stray rf noise with your talent mics and introducing artifacts at the reciver. Voodo man
  8. Nice Ed Lectro guitar rigs would be sick.
  9. After using wisycoms for 2 years now. I have to say they are somthing elec. Range is excellent. Running the kit in wisycoms ENC compander mode most of the time for amazing transients response and ENR mode for serious long range applications. Build quality is excellent. Mine have been dropped on concreate many times and filled with sawdust on building sites. Wide band is dope af. But the thing that stands out most to me is the noise floor. And lack off it. You can use somthing like a dpa witch can handle high spl, gain down (-12,-15) and all of the sudden those loud shouty comedy shows start to not sound like a tiny mic and wierless limmiter on the edge of cunching. They start to breath a bit more. Further more with the noise floor being so low I am sure you can imagian how well that goes on quite dramas or short films. There is more to just noise floor that excels the kit beyond lectros. They simply sound so transparent and natural is not funny. The menues are a little complex but personally being a RF tech guy I love that. The one drawback I wish they had is some sort of telemetry control for gain and rf channel. Hope this helps.
  10. After using my wisycom system for a few weeks now I have to say, they pretty nice. Smooth as a baby's bottom commpander. Anologe output I find a little low however I don't mind.
  11. Wow, Thats very impressive!! Sounds way too good to be All Concealed Lavs. I commend the team.
  12. As a Regular watcher of the show I too would like to know more about the recording methods. Also It would be interesting to know how much lav vs Boom gets printed. Sounds like a 50 50 blend to me.
  13. hi guys, Is it possible to sync two video files with timecode on the audio tracks (xlr audio in of the camera) to the sound recorders metadata timecode in the bwav? Thank You
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