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  1. Hi, Vector diversity work only in 2 channel mode , or I did not understand it right? Will DSR4 work with Aaton Hydra system? Thanks in advance.
  2. What I meant is - almost double time vs. standard mode on the same system.
  3. Someone from sound devices should jump in and clarify this...3.9ms is a way too much / standard mode is 2ms EndToEnd
  4. I will try the same with 6061 for those "from a whisper to a scream moments"...Thanks.
  5. Hi Karl, Bias 4 is maybe to low...or I am missing something..? "The bias voltage available in most transmitters is in the range of 5-7 volts. However, a few brands provide only 2-4 volts. DPA miniature microphones (lavaliers, headsets and instrument mics) need 5-10 volts to work correctly. One exception, however, is the low voltage version DPA 4063 which works down to 3 volts." - https://www.dpamicrophones.com/mic-university/how-to-properly-attach-a-dpa-microphone-to-a-wireless-transmitter
  6. Totally agree with you, If Henry can find Sound Devices CL12 eventually , that is a nice cart based setup also... Cheers.
  7. It IS all about sharing the knowledge... 🤓 Cheers.
  8. Hey Paul, Sorry for the delay ... I was hoping to get 4018 capsule no4 to put MMP/G in consideration also , but it was not possible at the moment. SD633 / gain at 1o'clock / LC@100Hz 48kHz/24bit polyWAV Track no1 is MMP/A , T2 is MMP/B , T3 is MMP/C Cheers. ABC-test.WAV ABC-test.zip
  9. Hi Paul, I will record some samples for your consideration and post it here during next week. MMP/A is not RF shielded (so I do not use it with A10TX of mine - cable only), just to know. Regards, Dejan.
  10. Those look very nice, thank you Ben.
  11. Bumping this old thread because I am struggling to find the one that would really like... Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I am using the same system / via A10RACK - cart / via AWDADM224 - bag. It work's great. RF spread on SMA antenna inputs could be your issue (to much gain on AW distro). Set the gain to zero (AW distro), put all rx's next to each other and do full scan with Lectro while A10RX is powered ON, then OFF...Any difference ? Cheers.
  13. As I understand A10 rack communicate with Aaton Hydra via USB...so only Hydra Hub is enough to have telemetry on X3 (audio from rack to cantar via DANTE)... or I am missing something?
  14. Got mine week ago...charming little device , regularly (ab)used on set. Dimmer would be nice addition, so it can be used on a dark set's . Cheers WrineX.
  15. No phantom...only lavaliers ....
  16. From user manual : Antenna distribution with 12V power for active antennas and pass-through for a second A10- RACK (for a total of 16 audio channels). https://cdn.sounddevices.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/A10-RACK-UserGuide-2A.pdf page3 Cheers.
  17. You should hear the sound of Cantar
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