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  1. I have a bunch of 4061 but recently I have been using alot of Tram TR50 and OST 801 for the projects. As much as 4061 sounds awesome, i find that the cable stiffen too much after about 2 years of usage. And also, I am starting to hear hiss at higher gain. Thus i only use 4061 for higher end projects. My oldest tram and ost is around 6-7 years old as of now. And their cable is still very very good! I can crank up the gain if i need to and there is no hiss. Its also excellent in very loud environments. It has become my go-to mic once again and I am loving it!
  2. Hey! Did u manage to do a 3d modeling of the adapter? I'm thinking of changing my the lyre to a slightly bigger one.
  3. happened to me years back. return's 3.5mm had issue with connection. sent back to mothership to get it replaced.
  4. So far no sagging. Been quite good since I placed the boxes below. are you still using that bag?
  5. Hey Jon. I am also using the same bag and I like it. What I did is that i taped 2 empty boxes that came with the dpa lav and slot it under the mixer. This elevate the mixer for a very nice height.
  6. Add a little bit of solder to the two prongs. It will last you for quite a long while.
  7. Betso tcx2 just arrived not long ago. Haven't use it on set yet but did a battery test yesterday. 10 hours in and battery only drop 1 bar. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. For the battery door, are you referring to TCX-2 or SBOX-2RF?
  9. rado, is that the PS607? if it is, wow! you managed to stretch it by quite a fair bit! hahah!
  10. From 8.5kg for a 3 channel wireless on my previous bag setup to 6.2kg on this bag! My sore and aching back will thank me soon!
  11. how u did manage to use uh400a on 211? I can't seem to use it even though my freq are the same.
  12. I have the 4061 and I realized it works well on certain voice. And also it sounds nicer if you tape it to the collar of the tshirt where it's more "open". Hiding the dpa in the chest area don't usually sound as good to me though.
  13. This is not just another sanken vs dpa thread. But rather, just curious to see how many of you prefer lav which currently. DPA has gained quite a fair bit of interest in these few years and I do know that a lot of you guys have shifted over to dpa. Just wanted to know who still prefers what and why?
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