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  1. Congratulations Klaus, these look excellent! Just pre-ordered my two pack! SO many uses!
  2. "Wisycom users, what are you using for rf distribution in your bag? Are you happy with it? Any problems? Thanks a lot" OP, what mixer are you using? 688+SL-6 is excellent.
  3. Thanks Derek! Will send you a message with my email now! Battery is a bit irritating but happy to do the research.
  4. Digging this thread up as I am getting into more commercial work and will need more IFB receivers. Has anyone tried the Listen Tech iDSP system yet? Looks very interesting and price is great.
  5. Yeah, I can't keep stripping my batteries. A real shame about Storacell. The Delkin case does look nice and could be worth a try. Anyone try these before? https://www.amazon.com/CR123A-Blue-Battery-HolderStorage-Cases/dp/B00AZKPVNG/ref=pd_sim_421_2?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B00AZKPVNG&pd_rd_r=MAS0HSQK3KM3EAAP5953&pd_rd_w=Jbyvv&pd_rd_wg=v4TWf&psc=1&refRID=MAS0HSQK3KM3EAAP5953
  6. What battery holders do you all use for rechargeable AA and AAA? I was using the cases that came with Powerex but was annoyed at them always popping open in my bag. Switched to Storacell but those are tearing the wrapping on my batteries, especially my AAA but certainly damaging AA. Thought they would be good especially as Lectro uses them but very disappointed. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  7. Like this? http://ambient.de/en/product/lockit-slate/
  8. The HR-V is actually based on the platform of the Fit. They both have some very clever seating configurations that give much more cargo space than would meet the eye. I looked at it but while it fits a lot for a compact SUV, it is still a compact SUV. I wound up putting money down for a Golf Alltrack wagon last weekend. I've been looking at it for a while and with 66.5 cubic feet, it has more cargo space than many midsize SUV's, including Mazda CX-5, has great safety scores, all wheel drive, and after driving a Honda Odyssey for the past few years, I really wanted more of a car. With rear seats down the Alltrack can also swallow my Euro Cart with absolutely no problem and still have room for more. One day I'm sure I will do the Transit Van thing but for now a practical car that I could actually drive was very important to me.
  9. I also love my Zuca All Terrain with saddle bags. Very convenient an removable wheels make easy storage.
  10. +1 Whole thing sounded fine to me. I heard all of his BS loud and clear.
  11. Curious if now that Wingman can get metering out of 6 series, will it come to Ambient and TCS(?)
  12. It's a nice, cost effective, option for an individual setup where networking is not required. Will certainly make metadata input easier. Looking forward to it! Ambient and TCS options are more expensive but obviously do more when it comes to full timecode transmission, metadata collection, and camera integration. Still, if control from your phone is all you need/want, this is perfect! Very similar I think to the Ambient Beetle which never materialized for the 6 series. As I understand it though, versus WiFi, Bluetooth is not fast enough for the TC transmission to be frame accurate so the TC seen on the phone will be just a reference.
  13. I was working on an indie doc with my older brother (still am working on it) and we both were in camera, both wanted to shoot, but someone had to hold the boom at least. As I am the younger brother, I lost that fight and held the boom recording into an H4n. In the process of doing this I got picky about it, bought some G3's and a used 442 and went from there. Before I knew it I had a bit of money invested in sound gear that would not pay itself back on an indie doc so I started taking small CraigsList and Mandy sound jobs in my spare time and found I really liked it. I found myself advancing in sound faster than I was advancing in camera and eventually made the jump. I still have a little shy of a 1 ton package, Arri and Mole fresnels, Divas, Schneider FF primes, Red Scarlet and O'Connor sticks. All stored at CPT in Long Island City and it all rents independently of me and my sound work so it's still good on the side and I have it when I want it. About to sell the Red though as Scarlets don't rent anymore and probably selling the Divas for Lite Panel Astras. Nowadays when I do shoots for the doc my setup is an A7s with PIX-E7/PIX-LR. That combo along with an Astra is a beautiful one-man-band interview setup when you care about picture and real sound. And that is how I shifted to sound!!
  14. RF Venue will also send you the ones that they use on the Diversity Fin. Bought mine direct from them.
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