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  1. finally got it to work. spent 3hrs on it last night and an hour today after production. I definitely connected it the same way as before and it just magically responded after the sixth try with a fresh restart of my OS. thanks.
  2. I've been having an issue with my computer and phone reading my unit. I plug it in, it has full charge, but the software says nothing is connected. I try it on the mac version of the software, the windows version of the software, and even into my iphone. Ive used different usb cables, too. Ive sent a message to the company. Anyone else having a similar issue?
  3. I've started bringing a small DIT kit when i'm away from a studio situation. It includes an Asus K200MA laptop. It's $300 and not powerful by any means, but I was bringing my really nice Macbook to shoots and I was just not pleased with having it on location around newer crews who couldn't watch their step. I use the Asus to backup my files daily. I will give my CF to DIT and then back my SD card up to the laptop. I had a week long gig about a year ago, and when the DIT was traveling back home with the files, the hard drive was somehow ruined by TSA.
  4. what mics are you currently using with your g3s?
  5. i have the Versa HS1N. it is a little much for my setup. (633, and 2-3 channels of wireless) My bag isnt super heavy, but I enjoy how comfortable the harness is. I use it without the waist strap 90% of the time.
  6. Terrible. This was just a few blocks from my house. Just shocked. Terrible news. So sad.
  7. The reviews are so great. I like this one the best. "0 of 0 people found the following review helpful Cable that makes you rich By tazh0801on August 5, 2014 I cannot resist when i found this cable in amazon. So, i sold my car to buy this diamond cable. Then i lost my job as i don't have car to work. Then i got kicked out from apt as i don't have income to pay rent. Now i am one of the people that stand on the corners, holding big homeless cardboard, begging for money. (Some of you might seen me before) Then miracle happen..I tuck the MAGIC diamond cable on myself when begging for money, people are willing to give me more money. If they want to touch my diamond cable, they will need to give extra. Guess what, i am now making more money than my last engineer salary. And i am happy to continue doing this on the street. You know...people get upset when they don't get to see and touch my diamond cable."
  8. That sounds awesome! I just ordered mine. Can't wait to explore the machine.
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