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  1. I worked with Don once, as I’m sure so many of us did... a Mixers Dream -his Live Mixing mike Dance was art & he showed me how far a CMC641 can be pushed! I looked Forward always to sharing some time at lunch and hearing some of his stories -WOW. Don was part of the Evolution of the Foundation we all stand on today. Don, you are remembered fondly.
  2. 1 more thing.. Check that the fusion software is current. All versions should mirror properly, but it may be something to try?...
  3. Hey Malcolm - It sounded like you have a few 8gb Sandisks? If so, try one of them as a mirror.. If it works, then you know it's a formatting or media problem on the Delkin, if not it may indicate other problems. I've used factory Sandisks in my fusion all the time and no formatting issues. Might be another clue for you at least... Hope you're up and running soon.
  4. I have 6 rycote windshields to haul. To maximize space, get a large check bag with a hard shell, take off the hand grips (so they are just tubes), line the bottom of the bag with lightly crumpled newspaper (if you can find one -ha), place the windshields in strategically so they have at least 2" between (also space between the edge of the bag and windshield), stuff more newspaper between each for separation (or use bubble wrap), carefully stack crumpled newspaper on top of the windshields (they will act as the buffer for the other side of the case when closed - try to make it fully filled when closed so there is no movement inside). It will cost you an extra check bag (at least you don't need to worry about it being overweight!), but so far they all have survived in mint condition. NOTE: when you open the bag it may explode with newspaper so do so slowly...
  5. This year I think it's .5 million in equipment can be written off 100% and next year only $25,000 before it must be amortized.
  6. Wow, just what I was looking for - great detail! The scans seem to not be affected (by my eye)... Thank you
  7. With regards to the topic: Nomad RF block 21 and 24 There has been a lot of discussion here about how lectro plays with nomad in blocks 21 and 24 but not much if anything about how zaxcom wireless block 21 and/or 24 behave with nomad. Should someone be scared away from zaxcom wireless block 21 if they are a nomad user? It has been 8 months since the last post on this thread and I'm sure there are plenty of members out there now with this exact setup; could you please comment about your real world experiences with this? Are you having problems with signal or range when using these? Just to be clear my question is regarding zaxcom wireless blocks 21 and 24 with zaxcom nomad. Not lectro and not other blocks. Thank you all
  8. If the solution to this issue caused any extra work for us then I may agree with you. However, all the aforementioned solutions don't impact our workflow at all, but would save a lot of time in post and produce more accurate results for our sound tracks. I don't see the need to fight against post on this particular issue. I would hope they would do the same for us if the situation was reversed - i.e. They do something simple like click a box and solve a huge time-consuming hassle for us.
  9. Haha - yes that too! No but it is important to me (when possible) to support businesses here (USA) even if it costs more money; I don't see the Made In China bargain as much of a bargain (long term).
  10. If successfuI, are you committed to always manufacture in the USA?
  11. Extra AD conversion always add noise - that's why it's wise to avoid them whenever possible. Also, digital sound can run longer lengths not that you'd be using long aes cables in this situation. Stick with 1's and 0's when you can.
  12. Yes you are right Marc and Glenn and many others who have pointed out that PERFECT sync between cameras and recorders has many issues to be solved before it is realized, BUT I see this topic to be about something different - really it's about sync between MC and PT (both avid products) not being in PERFECT sync with each other when they exchange files - Which IS possible a few ways: 1) Location recorders deliver sound starting on frame starts (whether this be at time of recording or during mirroring in zaxcoms case) 2) MC to overhaul their software to allow audio at subframes 3) MC to backfill audio to previous frame boundary on import (BEST OPTION IMO) X) Surely there are other ways I'm not thinking of... But if avid refuses to act, it wouldn't hurt if backfilling auido was a selectable mirroring option for zaxcom recorders... Right? This wouldn't affect "disk clusters or buffers" and could save A LOT of work for posties. And even though its AVIDs compatibility problem, the problem does only exist when using zaxcom recorders so it may not be a bad idea for this OPTION (means selectable for certain circumstances where it makes sense) to be available. I agree avid should fix things since its their products incompatibility, but someone should step up and solve it to make the sound industries workflow more efficient and more accurate. Think of the poor postie spending countless hours nudging waveforms into alignment by subframes!! My 2 cents.. I think this horse might be dead? I'll check back to see if its still squirming.
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