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    Golf, tennis, Surf, completely obsessed with audio gear. Vintage mics, guitars, percussion.
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    10 years post production mixing for documentaries and tv ads.
    12 years Music composer.
    8 years Location sound recordist.

    I do over the bag documentary work and tv ads mostly. I also do remote directing setups so an off island director can view an HD video / audio feed and talk back and forth with the set via a telex wireless comms system.

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  1. Yeh I always have the. "!" come up on TC on Mini's when I leave the ERX on the camera all day.... makes sense because the ERX is lo fi, maybe like you said, the Mini sees it as an error. I've always ignored the "!" and never had a problem with sync in post.
  2. Does well, fairly close to the bigger zepp's, My complaint is the fluff can't be removed, it's permanently on there. Would have been nice to be able to take it off for inside work or low wind, for a little more clarity.
  3. I have the Mini Cmit in a Cinela Cosi, wonderful!, Fantastic, can shake it around wobble it up and down and it transfers no noise.
  4. Mixer / reciever. Very cool. Also wish it had small gain knobs.
  5. I actually agree with that, I misspoke, I often do, in hindsight, it was way out of line. I didn't intend it like that. If an actor changes their mind on a deliver, zaxcom certainly is hard to beat as it will never clip. That's all I meant, that there is no better safety guard than zaxcom. Even if set wrong it won't clip. The capsule may clip, but not the transmission.
  6. My mistake was insinuating that it was the mixer's fault somehow. I didn't really mean to put it on any one person, it's more of an "in an age of never clip" it's surprising to hear this stuff. My bad for the wording. But to suggest that because this is a big budget show, the producers and mixers, and all the high-end crew would never miss a few distorted words is irrelevant to me, if it's there, it's there, I hear it a lot across many different movies. Maybe it's just there on the Amazon stream, but not on TV... I wouldn't know, I'd put my money that it's there on all the platforms. I have heard this on many other productions, not a big deal. Again, Mrs Maisel is an amazing sounding show. I'm from Australia, sensitivity is something I could work on, your bullshit meter needs calibration though, I'd suggest reference it to -20 🙈
  7. I've remained friendly throughout this discussion. I never said I was so sure of anything. Your right, I Will double check my setup, it's probably my speakers 👌
  8. no... as I said it was just an example of the types of things that can happen and do happen in post. On a home TV set, this kind of distortion and clipping is probably never going to be noticeable. But that's not the point. Viewers could also care less if a show was shot on Arri or Red, Cooke or Leica or has a few words distorted or bad ADR with mismatched room verb, etc, it doesn't mean those of us working on our side of the game don't notice or have an opinion of what we see and hear. As far as RSM's and producers, as I said, I hear this a lot on many big productions, (game of thrones, amongst many others), it's not a big deal, nor noticeable to most people. Probably many times not the fault of the sound mixer on set, because they have no control for the most part what happens in post. Just saying it surprises me. Kind of a pet peeve, like hearing lawn mowers when I'm not working, just sensitive to it. End of the day, the show sounds great, and I'm watching episodes right now 👌
  9. Yeh. My suspicion is in post. For example. The waves la2a plugin. If -20 isn’t observed it will clip as per analoge modeling. It’s easy to miss. Either way superb production and sound. Does this this show play on tv? On instagram. If u post a stereo mix from an iPhone it will post in mono. And in the process produce distortion. Post the same clip with an android and it will post in stereo and therefore no more distortion. Could be a bug with amazons streaming serviee. Im glad I’m only on season 1. This show is gold and can’t wait to watch the rest. And yes. I don’t envy the boom op on this show with all those one shot steadicam mastery. Very tricky sound production.
  10. The show sounds great. Oppologies if I was to blunt. Maybe it’s the online stream. I’ll re watch the first couple episodes. The show is great, and worthy of repeats. I’m listening on Dutch and Dutch 8c speakers. Something wigged it out. I notice on many productions.
  11. Sorry for the late reply. I'll get timecodes for it, I notice it a lot in movies, I have for years. It's a pet peeve of mine. I'm watching Maisel on Amazon with very high-speed internet, I'm quite certain it's not a streaming thing, it's very specifically the sound of a TX overmodulating. Great show, doesn't matter in the end. But again, I love my zaxcom for this reason, if the TX isn't set right across most other brands, your not able to ride your faders and fix the problem because it's happening before it hits the desk (preaching to the choir I know)
  12. Just watching Mrs Maisel on amazon... In the day of Zaxcom and Neverclip, it's surprising to still hear the old distorted voice tracks. Zaxcom TX 👌I could see a day where productions require Zaxcom unless other manufacturers follow suite with Dual converters.
  13. The Arri issues an on screen warning, but the warning disappears and then re appears, and on and off all day. The audio always sync's perfectly, I hate seeing the warning. I also saw the warnings disappear with various clients based on firmware. Everything still sync's in post though.
  14. b6 taped to their ears, hair, depending on the shot, shoulder I've had good results with.
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