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    Golf, tennis, Surf, completely obsessed with audio gear. Vintage mics, guitars, percussion.
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    10 years post production mixing for documentaries and tv ads.
    12 years Music composer.
    8 years Location sound recordist.

    I do over the bag documentary work and tv ads mostly. I also do remote directing setups so an off island director can view an HD video / audio feed and talk back and forth with the set via a telex wireless comms system.

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  1. Prahlad Strickland

    Tiger woods vs Phil Michelson

    They using the sennheiser g3 for Tiger and Phil. Typical static and dropouts. Surprised on a bigger production like this. Especially live broadcast this was done. 😶
  2. Prahlad Strickland

    DPA slim cable getting stiff and brakes

    Dpa r a joke. I have 3 4063. At the connector all have failed multiple times. My cos11 while they don’t sound near as good. I’ve never had a connector end failure. Their denial is ridiculous. I have repair invoices from trew and Gotham to prove otherwise. They need to talk to countryman and Sanken about cable. Thinking about shrink wrap / glue retro fitting mine over to mogami lav wire.
  3. Prahlad Strickland

    stingray junior and k-tek waist harness

    Anyone used the stingray junior and k-tek harness, or the k-tek waist harness in general? I plan to setup the mix pre 6, IFB200 and a QRX200 as a portable super lightweight setup with IFB200 as the master clock. Just wondering, looking at pictures, and without being able to try it here in Hawaii, curious how it goes being down low like that and walking around. Seems like it's ok for walking, but def seems restricting even for walking?
  4. Prahlad Strickland


    Anyone know where to get an old enough firmware to do a factory reset?
  5. Prahlad Strickland


    I formatted the card and updated to latest firmware so I don't have that.... so i'm thinking, if i brick it, I send it in, if I don't try I have to send it in anyway?, so I may as well revert to an old firmware, try... since my worst case is sending it in anyway?
  6. Prahlad Strickland


    I emailed Howy regarding the problem, basically it's the same as a few other users from different threads. I have the frequency matched to the QRX200, but no green light. I drop it one frequency notch and it goes green, momentarily before going red again. Factory reset fixed in both situations. Anyone know how to factory reset?, Hoping to get a response from Howy in time, if not if anyone knows how to do a factory reset on the TRXLA2.5 very much appreciate. I got as far as hitting the down arrow on the lock menu but there is no reset option in that factory menu.
  7. Prahlad Strickland

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    That would be awesome!.... but not a waste of money, they are still the size of an iphone, they are very welcome by most camera crews who are used to both a timecode box.... + a scratch track receiver... I've tripled the money on my 6 ERX in rentals and have had zero complaints from any camera crew so far. They are very multi functioning.
  8. Prahlad Strickland

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    They are awesome. My LCD played up the other day. But seems ok now. Love the size and power of these batts. I'm using with Nomad. I have had an issue where I couldn't turn on the Nomad upon switching it on. Nothing would power up. I thought it was the battery budd 2. As it has an internal self resetting cap. Maybe it was the battery? I wonder if it also self resets? Takes like 30 seconds or so to reset. But other than that happening very rarely they have been great.
  9. nothing will ever come from UFO's, other than entertaining movies and fun documentaries to watch.
  10. Prahlad Strickland

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    Zaxcom IFB + ERX does exactly this, and can also be used as dedicated IFB. It also re jams wirelessly through the day without having to re jam.
  11. Prahlad Strickland

    Remote Audio Hi-Q Batteries

    Hi-q for a year. Awesome form factor. The mini ones r awesome and impressive wh for the size. Using the dual root audio charger and remote audio single as a backup.
  12. Prahlad Strickland

    Arri Amira AES inputs with zaxcom QRX

    Hey thanks guys. Good to hear. Cheers. Arri is the stuff.
  13. The Arri Amira has 2 AES inputs both stereo. If I wire up the TA5 output on the QRX to a single XLR and switch to AES input on the amira, can I have 2 separate talent tx's going direct to the QRX and have it feed to the single input B (aes mode) on the Amira on ISO tracks? Or is this only possible if it's a stereo hop from a bag. My other option is to use the 2 analog ins, or 2 separate AES ins, or wire up a TA5 to 5 pin XLR. Be cool if I can go direct from 2 talent to the RX, and have both feed into the single AES input.
  14. Prahlad Strickland

    ZMT wet weather sleeve.

    Nice, can't wait to see it, Will probably end up doing something similar.
  15. Prahlad Strickland

    Active Noise Cancellation

    Leave it for post. making a decision in the field on headphones with something like noise reduction doesn't make much sense. I can't think of any post guy that would appreciate it. Like Marc said, theres always a price to pay, unless your making pre and post noise reduction recordings, it's doing more harm than not.