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  1. What is going on on those Sennheiser receivers? Modded with two output connectors?
  2. I wonder if the headphone output will be adequate for feeding a transmitter such as an SMQV.
  3. Hi all, if like me you have a Tentacle Sync version 1 with a weak battery, then like me, you probably are having a terrible time finding any information on how to change it. Most retailers I contacted did not have stock on this part, let alone know that the part was available from Tentacle. Its an easy fix. The battery replacement kit which comes with a battery, new plastic housing, velcro hook tape, super glue and rubber color bands. I was able to open mine without causing damage to the original housing, so I just glued it back together on the side of the case opposite the screw. Here are some pictures:
  4. I already own 3x Sennheiser sets and want to maximize their use after upgrading my talent wireless to Lectro. Yes, I could just buy new IEMs, but this is a DIY discussion in a DIY forum. I am looking for specific information about a mod that someone had already done, and I enjoy tinkering.
  5. Thank you both for the feedback. Seekai, depending on the complexity of the amplifier stage, it could be as simple as swapping out a few resistors or an op-amp to raise the gain of the amplifier at the output. Rick, you are correct, I was referring to the EK100 and I edited the OP. As for the output stage only outputting to left channel, I have considered that, and there could be a few solutions to this if a mod was to be attempted. Hard to say without having the PCB schematics of the EK100 and EK300 to compare. That's why I'm so keen on finding info on how this mod was attempted. If anyone has access to those schematics that would be awesome too!
  6. Regarding adding a pot to a Sennheiser G3 EK100. I stumbled on an article about someone who added a volume pot on a G3 EK100 receiver for use as IFB receiver. Apparently the SK100 boards are very similar to the EK300 IEM boards. Now I can't find this post or article anywhere. Does anyone have a link or info on this mod? Thanks!
  7. Does anyone have experience with using Gordon's whip build method on SMA modded Sennheiser G3s?
  8. I've been working with my used KMR81i in cold temperatures, -18, -20 Celsius with the wind chill. It's been performing wonderfully.
  9. Just picked up a KMR 81i from Trew Audio consignment. Can't wait to hear this thing.
  10. +1. Some real craftsmanship in this thread. Been thinking of doing this myself for my 552.
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